Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm grateful.....
for Apple Pieto be a wife and mother
for our little buddy

Happy Thanksgiving!


Let's Dance

My friend Rachael had this posted on her blog and I found it inspiring. Check it out if you want to add a little cheer to your holidays. love, the Kubiks


Pure Happiness

What could be better than snuggling with Daddy after a nap? Snuggling with Daddy, 2 blankies, and three stuffed friends. Ahh, what a good life.


Good Bye Old Friend

Byron and I were cleaning out our closets yesterday, moving our fall/winter things to the forefront (about time) and our spring/summer things to the back (I thought this day would never come). I took the opportunity to be "real" with myself and get rid of things I hadn't worn in a few years. I was putting some things aside when Byron noticed these shoes and said I had to take and picture and blog about them. You see, these shoes have a story. They've been the best shoe friend I've had in a long time. When I came home from my mission in December of 2002, all the clothes I had worked so hard to acquire during the previous years had vanished. This didn't matter to me though since I thought the clothes I had worn home on the plane where really the only things a girl could need. I mean they're just things to cover your body right? (I was living on a higher plane at the time). The story of my first trip to the mall after coming home is a blog in itself so I'll just leave it with saying that it took me less than 30 seconds upon entering the mall to realize the reality of my situation. My parents had realized my plight long before I did and were so wonderful to give me money to start over and get some clothes before heading out to BYU. Among the things I bought were 3 pairs of shoes. Brown boots, and two pairs of black shoes including the ones pictured above. These shoes were my staples. I loved them. I wore the pictured shoes every Sunday. Many days to school. Over the next few years, I wore them every day to work. They expanded with my feet during my pregnancy. I even continued to wear them after the elastic had broken on the sides. I couldn't find another pair their equal! A big event for me was even close to being ruined because these shoes were not ready from the Shoe Repair Shop when they said they would be and I really had nothing else to put on my feet. I had to borrow my sister's shoes which are 2 sizes bigger than mine and stuff tissue at the toe and slide around most of the night. Is it sad and pathetic? Yes? Is it true? Yes again. One day after going through 9 months of pregnancy and 4 months of reclaiming my sanity after having a baby, I looked around and realized I was quickly becoming outdated. No wait, I wasn't becoming, I was outdated. These shoes that had been my friend and ally were no longer "cool". I just couldn't bare to part with them though. I mean, if I threw them away, what would that say about me? What kind of cold hearted person so quickly discards something that has given them so much? Well, apparently me. After not wearing them for 2 years, I've made the call. They smell, they're broken, threads are sticking out on them, and it's time to say good bye. I just want you to know friend, you're the best. Thanks for sticking with me through it all. It'll be a long time before I can call another shoe "friend".



The power of a Thomas the Train DVD.



Recently Connor has found great joy in getting on his tummy in the tub and kicking and splashing around. Last night he "dove" for a sponge fish and came up with it in his mouth. Should I be proud or concerned? I mean, isn't that what bears do?:)


Riding the Bus

Connor and I have felt more like a twosome lately than a threesome, so when Byron told me he was able to take the day off from school work on Saturday we shouted for joy and planned a fun adventure to do all together: Connor's first ride on the bus. Since the bus doesn't come by the stop close to our house on Saturday's we decided to drive to the University Mall, let him play with the train sets and the two toy shops there (always a big hit) and take the bus from there to Franklin Street, the heart of all things centered around the University of North Carolina. We were surprised when Connor was more than a little upset once we entered the bus. Our best guess is that it was the fear of a whole sea of new faces as opposed to the actual bus that was unsettling to him. He got over it quickly though and seemed to enjoy people watching and tree watching (because Chapel Hill appears to have been carved out of a dense forest). It was exciting to get off the bus and discover we were in the heart of the Homecoming buzz. Carolina blue was everywhere! The weather was beautiful too so we walked down to a Mexican restaurant, Chipotle, and had a fantastic lunch. I don't know which one of us had the better time! We then walked further down to a small shop that specializes in Popsicles called LocoPops. We got Connor the cookies and cream pop and he slowly but surely ate the whole thing. He also had a great time being set free from his stroller and running up and down the sidewalks. It was a happy morning spent all together, we love those!

Sleeping after a fun morning

Waiting for our first busEnjoying LocoPop

Waiting for our bus home

Connor and Daddy!



We had a great weekend with my family! It always go by too fast though. Thanks so much for making the effort to come everyone, we had a great time!