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she's TWO

On Friday, when I went into Kylene's room in the morning to get her up, she was standing up in her crib with her blanket shoved in her mouth waiting patiently for someone to come rescue her. Wearing purple polar bear footed pj's, tossled hair and bright eyes she smiled and said, "Hi Mommy!" I picked her up and twirled her around tickling her and giving her kisses and said, "Kylene, you're two! I love my two-year old girl!" Throughout the day I couldn't resist sweeping her up and holding her close and giving kisses and remarking on what a beautiful little two year old we have. When I brought her downstairs Connor said, "Happy Birthday Kylene, you're 2!" After talking about why Kylene was two, Connor said, "Mom, I don't want Kylene to be 2!" When asked why not he said, "I want her to stay our little baby." Sigh, true.
Mimi and Papa (Theresa and Bev) came to North Carolina around lunch time and the kids were THRILLED to have them here. They treated us to dinner at Olive Garden and then we came home to have ice cream and cake with a few neighbor friends.
Byron and I got home from the restaraunt before the other four and we were able to set out Kylene's new tricycle so it was the first thing she would see when she walked in the door. When she entered the house and saw it, she squealed, put her hands up in the air and yelled, "Hooray!" Exactly what we were hoping for. Connor took on on a few spins around the kitchen as she giggled with glee.
Mimi came through with a slew of beautiful new clothes. I'm holding a fall dress Theresa made. It's gorgeous!
We finished off the night with our favorite chocolate cake and playing with friends.
Kylene shows a lot of personality and can switch her mood from a scowl to a big cheesy grin in an instant. She says, "Wa" for yes and sometimes we feel like we're on a Charlie Brown special, "Wa, wa wa wa wa wa". {Remember how the teacher used to speak?}
She loves being involved in whatever the big kids are doing and is thrilled to be included in anything and everything. Kylene continues to adore her brother and Connor will sometimes ask, "Why does Kylene do whatever I do?" She loves being tickled and chased around the house and will egg people on to do both. Her favorite food is pizza and she'll come running if the word is ever mentioned. We think she is simply wonderful. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


haLLoWeEn eXtrAvaGaNza 2010

a few days before Halloween this year, my neighbor and friend Jesica commented that Halloween was becoming just about as busy as Christmas...agreed!
the weekend before Halloween, my parents came and visited from Indiana for four days. We had SUCH a great time with them. We went to the Museum of Life and Science, to our ward's Fall Festival, to Southpoint where my Mom bought the kids beautiful new Sunday clothes, out to eat at a Mexican restaurant we had heard about, carved pumpkins, make apple pie, cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and the kids played, played and played some more with Nana and Grandpa. They both wanted to ride in the car with them wherever we went and apparently came up with new games to play while on the road. One game involved the word "boogers" a lot. Guess who came up with that one. :)
{our little family at our old ward's Fall Festival. Byron and I were a couple from the '50's though most people thought i looked like myself and that Byron looked like a missionary.}
we decorated Halloween cookies with our friends Dana, Abby and Sydney.

Connor with his best buddy, Jaxton.
both the kids really enjoyed the pumpkin carving process and loved saying "ooh, gross" when pulling out the innards.

on Saturday we went to a free Halloween event put on by a local church. we think it's a great event with free food, and lots of activities for the kids. there was music pumping the whole time with who we think is the minister as the DJ stopping the music at questionable parts to pose some religious questions. Example: "Has anyone ever heard of me, myself and I?" What does that sound like? That's right the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost." continue with thumping music. It felt a little like brain washing. :)
{Kylene dancing to the music. that girl's got rhythm!}
{yep, we've practiced that stance A LOT at our home recently}
our little group ready to trick-or-treat.
our monkey can barely contain herself.
the first door!...no one home, boo.
trick-or-treating in our neighborhood was so fun. the neighborhood was alive with activity with lots of the adults dressed up as well. many neighbors had set up their trick-or-treat candy up outside waiting to great their little guests. we're now working our way through the candy...


take me to mimi and papas

{read this to the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"}
Take me to Mimi and Papa's
Take me there right now please!
I want to scoop some horse's poop,
and feed Reese some doggy bones.

maybe then, i'll play with the race track,

before i go out to play

'cause it's the zoo!
a train ride!

and playing all day,

at Mimi and Papa's house!
{the kids and I took a trip down to SC to visit Mimi and Papa this weekend and had a great time. Both my kids cried on and off all the way home begging to go back. Our house must be LAME. Connor was most excited to help Mimi scoop the horses poop from the barn when we got there. And I quote, "Mimi! It's stopped raining! Now we can go scoop some poop!"


tissue pom poms

my heart first fluttered at the sight of tissue pom poms when i saw this picture.{image}
i then saw them in person at my friend Rebecca's home for a baby shower.
i knew i wanted some for my workroom and looked up a tutorial here (thanks Martha).
it was super simple and cost 3 dollars. i am very pleased with the result and hope to add more cool things to the tissue pom poms soon.

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what a hoot

one of my favorite customers sent me this picture today. she ordered the original Hoot Owl Family awhile back for her little girl and then ordered a boy Hoot Baby to go with the family when they were expecting this sweet cherub pictured below. Apparently he fell asleep in the nest. This picture makes me happy all over.

Kristi's Favorite Cheeseball

Tonight is my first night to participate in a new "foody" group I was invited to be a part of. We'll meet one night out of the month and each bring a dish (tonight is appetizers) to share and the recipe as well. I thought I would post the recipes of the things I make since they will be some of my very favorites.
This cheeseball was introduced to me by my co-worker, Linda, at the Honor Code Office at BYU in 2004. She is about 30 years my senior and a kindred spirit. We were like two peas in a pod and everything she made was delicious. She brought the cheeseball into the office after Thanksgiving one year and it was devoured before lunch.
This has become a requested item at various my various church activities. I love it because it is so simple to assemble and can be done ahead of time. It is my all time favorite cheeseball. :)

2 packages cream cheese
2 oz package of corned beef, chopped
4 green onions, thinly sliced
3.8 oz can (a heaping 1/2 cup) of black olives, chopped
2 tsp seasoned salt

Mix together all ingredients, varying amounts according to taste. Form into a ball using saran wrap and chill until ready to eat. Serve with crackers. (Side note: This cheeseball would also be very nice with toasted walnuts or almond slivers all around. I just never add nuts to anything because of Connor's allergy.)


couldn't have been better...

the first Tuesdays of every month, the kids don't get to see Byron before bed because he has church meetings right after work and gets home late that night. i always try to do something a little extra fun on those nights to give us all something to look forward to (it's always sad when Dad's not home in the evening). while dinner was baking in the oven that night, i mixed up some brownies (best. recipe. ever) to have after dinner as a special treat. as it worked out, the kids ran outside to play, got all muddy, and needed a bath before we could do anything else. as they protested a bath, i told them that after bath, we were going to come downstairs and watch a show while we had a brownie! what!?! that kind of stuff never happens in the Kubik household! usually, once we head up for bed, there's no more coming downstairs. Connor was thrilled and Kylene just jumped around because Connor was. when we came back downstairs, I laid out a blanket so they could have a picnic in front of the TV. what?!? they didn't even have to eat at the table!?! they were so delighted, Connor threw his arms around my legs and said, "Mom, I love you sooooooooooooooooo much."

it couldn't have worked out better if i had planned it.
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My most recent Hoot Owl Family for a customer about to have a baby girl. They ship out tomorrow, hope she likes!
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it's been too long since i've posted an update of our Kylenie Beanie (our friends, MacCade, Jaxton, and Beckam even call her Kylenie now). Kylene is now 22 mths and full of personality! We are so filled up with love for her we think we just might pop! Kylene LOVES to snuggle on some one's lap on the couch with her blankie. I don't think life gets much better than that for her. Her favorite TV show is Jack's Big Music Show on Nick Kids. She loves to dance to children's music and can head bop and hip swing with the best of them! She loves acting out the stories that are read to her now and her current favorite book is Freight Train.
She says, "No" and "Oh" in such a matter-of-fact way it's hard to ever get upset with her. She's becoming a little sassy and wants things when she wants them as illustrated by the picture below. She was trying desperately to get to the camera I was holding.
That girl loves to swing! She could swing the day away and often times says, "Higher!"
Kylene loves to be outside and is right in the mix with all the older kids. She's not one to be left behind! She loves babies, real and imaginary, and takes care of her baby all day. She feeds the baby her bottle, tucks her in her stroller, and wraps her in her blanket. She's fascinated by other babies and loves to be around them.

Kylene loves to be tickled and will often egg her brother on to chase her around the house while she squeals with half delight and half terror. :)
Kylene has concrete opinions about what she wants to wear daily and nightly. It's hard to get her favorite pj's off of her in the morning!
We are so THRILLED with her. She continues to bring JOY into our lives.