bedroom makeover

With a little help from Target, Ikea and my mother-in-law, in one day our bedroom went from this,to this,
and this.

Byron and I've been married for six years and up until this time we've been using white plastic crates as nightstands. But wait, it gets better. The plastic crates are meant to be one unit, but we split them into two which meant Byron's never had a solid top so any change, pens, etc. fell right through. We've never had reading lamps so if one of us wanted to stay up reading while the other slept, the sleeping one would either have to fall asleep with the room fully light, or the reading one would place a rolled up towel in the doorway of the bathroom to shed a little light to read by. We're so thrilled to have reading lights that click off at the bed. It's the simple luxuries of life. Also, when we were first married we inherited a huge, monstrous bookcase that we've never liked, but have been so grateful for it because of all the stuff it has held. We painted it white, moved it into Kylene's room to hold her stuff, and got this new unit from Ikea along with the boxes to organize said stuff.
We love, love, love our new bedding and have banned sticky finger, marker on hands, big brother Connor from the bed when it's made.
If it's possible to be in love with bedding and furniture, then we're in love.

{ps. My mother-in-law, Theresa, met us at Ikea, traded cars with us so we could have the van to cart all the stuff home with, took Connor back to their home in South Carolina to Papa, Aunt Codi, Uncle Logan, and Uncle Jarom, showed him the time of his life, then brought him back a few days later. Because of her, we were able to get the room all put together and other sundry tasks we've been dying to do but had yet to find the time or patience. Thank you guys! xoxo}


hoot owl family

my good friend, Jamie, is having her 4th child and first girl! she ordered two owls to go in her nursery, but i had to add a little baby to make a family.
you can check them out here.


burp cloths and monsters and hoot owls, oh my!

i had a great time making 5 sets of burp clothsand this darling new pink polka dot monster mania doll.
do you heart her? :)

you can find all these and more here .


what a great party!

Connor was invited to a neighbor's Birthday Party at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. Our whole family was invited actually and it was such a fun event for all of us. The greatest thing for Byron and I was seeing the thrill and joy and excitement on Connor's face. He was so excited to be with his good friend, the birthday boy Matthew, and meet all the other children. He downed a piece of cheese pizza, cake and ice cream all through a big smile. His cheeks were flushed from running around, jumping, clapping, and laughing. Byron and I were pretty much laughing the whole time just watching his excitement. The museum is such a cool place. I'm thinkin' Connor might have to have a birthday party there someday too...


6 mths

Our little darling is 6 months old today. She and her brother our the joy of our lives.
At 6 months Kylene is can roll both ways easily and is spending more and more time on her tummy. She rotates herself around to get to things she wants. She's starting to pull her knees up under her and rock back and forth a little in an effort to move. She's very curious and has become bored with once fascinating toys and finds her brother, Connor's room, the most interesting.
She blew through her 3-6 month clothes and is now filling out 6-9 month clothes very comfortably.
Her favorite songs right now seem to be "Miss Mary Mac" and "Jingle Bells" all sung by Connor.
She loves to sleep with her soft blankie from our good friends, the Dietrich's, and seems to like the blanket up and over her face (at least that's the way I find her sound asleep most of the time).
She's got a mighty squeal to let us know she NEEDS or WANTS something.
She's discovered her toes.
She's ticklish on her ribs, feet, underarms, and chin. All three of us love getting those places.
She loves, loves, being pushed in the umbrella stroller.
She has dimples on her cheeks (both sets), knees, and elbows.
She's generous with her smiles and brightens peoples' days wherever we go.
We're lucky to call her ours.


bath time



may 9, 2009

On May 9, 2009 Byron and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary.

On May 9, 2009, Byron received his Masters of Science in Speech Pathology.

Over the past 2 years Byron completed over 60 hours of course work and 500 plus hours of clinical experience at schools and hospitals. He also completed Stats 221 through BYU's Independent Study program and worked on (and continues to collaborate with) a seasoned Speech Pathologist at UNC Hospital on a video to help Head and Neck Cancer Patients.

He not only excelled in his program, but shined.

While a student, Byron received the Dr. Sylvia Campbell Speech and Hearing Sciences Scholarship. He gave this program and this experience his all and it paid off.

We are so proud of him and lucky to call him our husband and "Daddy".

We were also so happy that so many of Byron's made the effort to come be with us. Byron's Mom and Dad, Grandmother "Maw Maw", newly returned missionary, Logan, and new BYU sophomore, Codi.Dr. Melody Harrison was one professor in particular that really supported and believed in Byron. If she has it her way, we'll be back in a few years to get our PhD. Why would you wish such a thing upon us Dr. Harrison? :)

We discovered very quickly once we moved to Chapel Hill, how wonderful Byron's classmates were. They were good friends and supports to Byron and our family. It'll be fun for us to stay in touch and see the wonderful things everyone does throughout their lives.

All, in all, it was a great, great, wonderful ,wonderful day. It was the culmination of a lot of planning, praying and effort and we're just so proud of Byron!


sleeping beauty

sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet


last night, when i went to make dinner, i left Kylene playing on her mat, here.when i came to check on her a few minutes later, i found she had traveled here.

do you see what i mean?

she's been rolling all over the place and reeeeaching and woooorking to move herself forward. connor wasn't really moving all around until 8 mths and here we are at 5.5 mths. heaven help us all. :)



One of my Monsters was featured on Tutus and Turtles today. Thanks to my friend, Julie, for passing the word along!



Connor and Kylene got to meet their first cousin, Zach, this past weekend when we drove up to Buena Vista, VA to celebrate our brother-in-law, Jon's, graduation and Zach's baby blessing. My parents drove over from Indiana and we all laughed a lot and ate a lot. Ahhh, I love both of those activities.
Connor was beside himself with excitement. This was our first time staying in a hotel as a family and Connor was THRILLED. Byron and I didn't know how things would go, but both our kids did great. Now, if only Byron and I could have slept well, then we would have been in business. :)
Connor particularly enjoyed his Uncle Jon and Grandpa. Our first morning I woke up to Connor next to our bed saying, "Mommy! I really like Uncle Jon!" and when my Dad entered the room, Connor enthusiastically clapped. :)
I was so thrilled to meet my nephew Zach. He just seems so sweet and we're so thrilled to have another little guy (or off-the-charts big guy in Zach's case) in our family.
Below, Zach is pictured with my Mom and Dad (Connor and Kylene couldn't be coaxed into another picture). Has anyone noticed the kids' matching outfits? Darling, darling, darling. Thanks Nana and Grandpa.

We all missed Ben and noticed him missing the whole weekend, but I guess we'll let him kick butt at BYU. Don't worry Unc Ben, we'll catch you at the beach. :)


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