We were really lucky that the whole Kubik family (minus our missionary Logan of course) could come up to spend the day with us on Friday. Since we decided not to travel anywhere for the holidays this year, this really gave us something fun to look forward to. Little did we know they'd be bringing armfuls of gifts along with them! Connor was thrilled to see everyone and even more thrilled to see they came bearing gifts. :) Thanks for everything, it was a real treat for us. Byron's sister, Staci, was a key in helping finish this Peanuts puzzle Byron got from Ashley and Jon for Christmas--it looks pretty darn awesome. Byron burned the midnight oil a few nights he got so involved in it.
Having so much fun can be exhausting.

I think this is the best family picture we've taken since the wedding. :) We'll have to photo shop Logan in.

Thanks to Bev, Theresa, Jarom, Staci and Codi for giving up a day and making the trip up to see us. We had a really great time.


Christmas Eve

Our biggest Christmas present this year was everyone being healthy for Christmas. After being sick for over 2 weeks it was great to have everyone back to their old selves! We started off the day with a trip to Target to give Connor a chance to pick out a Christmas present for Kylene. It was actually kind of fun to be part of the holiday excitement at the store. We then went across the street to McDonald's and had lunch while Connor gleefully (seriously, he was filled with glee) played at the play place. After Connor's nap, he got to open up one present which were his new Christmas pajamas. He was less than thrilled that the box wasn't filled with cars and trucks, but he was happy to have them once bedtime rolled around.
I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself for pulling it together and making cookies to decorate amidst a newborn and sickness. Don't worry, I've already given myself a round of applause. The cookies are seriously delicious too--thanks Christine for sharing your recipe!

Kylene got to hang out with Mom and Dad for a little bit all by herself before it was time for her Christmas slumber.
It was fun to see the presents under the tree. I felt like a full-fledged mom this year pulling out presents that I had stashed all over the apartment and doing various other Christmas duties. It really made me appreciate all the years I got to go to bed early and wake up to a magical Christmas.

Christmas Morning 2008

When Connor got up this morning we were expecting him to shout with glee at the sight of presents under the tree. Instead he tentatively tiptoed out of his room with a shy smile on his face and looked around the living room, for what? For Santa of course! Come to find out he thought Santa would be waiting for him in the morning and kept on expecting him to show up. He finally accepted that Santa and his reindeer were back at the North Pole sleeping after a long night of delivering presents to children everywhere. I don't think it had occurred to Connor that ALL children received presents on Christmas, what a concept. :) He was pretty excited about presents though once that was all figured out.

Connor at all the candy he found in his stocking by 4 pm. Now THAT'S a great Christmas Day.

Santa brought Connor two Transformers: Byron's been transforming them back and forth all day. Santa must not have read that the age recommendation on the box is for ages 5 and up. Geez Santa, get it together.

Nana and Grandpa gave Connor a Construction Truck set with all the works. Talk about a THRILL for Connor. (Byron's also been helping Connor with that all day. What a good Dad.)

Connor looked great in his Lightning McQueen helmet that matches his Lightning McQueen bike, that matches his Lightning McQueen knee pads, which match his red bell. He had a ball riding around outside in the 60 degree sunny weather. Gotta love the south.

Merry Christmas Connor!

(P.S. Kylene was sleeping during all of this and received some new outfits, hat, shoes, and some toys. She was also thrilled with Christmas.):)

Pretty In Pink

Kylene Anne: 5 weeks old

Please take note of the pink bow. It's attached with Elmer's Glue. She's learning the sacrifices needed for beauty at an early age. :)


It Blew By

I feel like I blinked and a month is gone. Kylene is a month old and a beauty! We feel the camera doesn't capture her in all her glory but we also know we're biased. She smiles and coos at us, loves looking at Connor as he shows and explains the world to her, and recently discovered herself in a mirror and smiled and "talked" to the image she found. We think she's glorious. One Month
9 lb 7 oz
21.5 in.


Kylene and Connor

Kylene at 2 and a half weeks. We think her face is perfectly symmetrical, don't you?:) Connor is so thrilled for Christmas this year. He had a great time decorating the tree. Every ornament he pulled out, was greeted with an enthusiastic "Hey!".