Dancing Queen

One of the kids' favorite things to do here at Nana and Grandpa is dance in the family room.  They take this very seriously and it is a riot to watch each time.
The music seems to speak to Kylene in paticular and dance moves flow freely.  We wonder where she's learned all her moves!
We've also discovered this girl has ups!
I see gymnastics in our future...
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Make a Wish!

Nana got Connor an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen which is always a big treat in this family.

We are so proud of our 6 year old.  He is a sweet boy who loves playing with friends, riding his bike outside, playing video games on the computer, playing soccer, basketball and baseball, sweet to his little sister and a hard worker at school.  We love you Connor Buddy!
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The Big Reveal...

Connor was so surprised when Byron rolled out his new 20 in bike!  That bike seems so big to us we can't believe it fits him!
Since the day was filled with snow, ice and bone chilling wind (good times) my Dad and I took the kids over to the church in the afternoon so Connor could ride around the gym with his new bike!

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Connor's Birthday Morning

Connor was so excited to turn 6!  He woke up to a kitchen decorated for the occasion, presents on the table and cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.  Great way to start the day right?

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We're over half way through the Carmel Dad's Club Basketball season and Connor has really started to come into his own.  He has a wonderful coach in Coach Joe and the other boys and parents on the team are really great. 
Connor is one of the tallest boys on the floor so his long arms are able to get rebounds!

On his birthday Connor hit a shot right at the buzzer to end the half.  He calls it his "buzzer beater" and told his coach, "That's the best thing I'll do in my whole life." :)
Go Connor!
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Christmas Morning

Byron and I were asleep in the basement and heard the pitter-patter of little feet at 5:30.  It was fun to come upstairs and see how THRILLED Connor and Kylene were with their gifts from Santa!
Connor got a big surprise in a Nintendo DS!
Kylene got her hearts desire in her new doggy with a bone.
The new horse stable with horsies was a big hit too.

This picture sums up the joy of Christmas for us this year.

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Christmas Continued...

We were all exhausted by the end of everyday after all the hustle and bustle!

I told my sister, Ashley, that the best present Connor and Kylene got this year was getting to play with and be around their cousin April.  Connor can get some great belly laughs from this girl!


Our last night all together we celebrated our two most recent BYU grads, Ben and Karin with a Cafe Rio feast put on by Mom!  My mouth waters just looking at the pictures...

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so fun with our traditional Pizza Hut pizza feast, games, dancing, and Christmas carols sung around the piano.  We missed my Grandma and Grandpa McKen this year though. 

Mom and Dad got all the men, girls and grandchildren matching PJs!  It was so hot in the house though with all the activity that we were all sweating! :)
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Christmas Break

Our Christmas Break was filled with people, places and things!  Our family stayed here in Indiana for Christmas and my sister, Ashley and her family came along with our brother Ben and his wife, Karin.  All of us fell head over heels in love with Ashley and Jon's baby, April.  What a doll baby!

Mom and Dad took us Duck Pin Bowling and the kids were thrilled!  I, Kristi, had a strong beginning but faded out in the end to lose to Ashley AND Ben.  Geez.

Connor spent a lot of time outside despite the cold plaing with the new remote controlled crane, dump truck and bulldozer he received from Nana and Grandpa for Christmas!

We woke up one morning to freshly fallen snow, perfect for making a snow man.  Here's out Colts snowman in preparation for the SuperBowl.  {Disclaimer:  We understand the Colts are not playing IN the SuperBowl, but that the SuperBowl is only being played HERE in Indianapolis.  We're still feeling Colts/football fever here.}

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