I love this picture because it's the combination of two of Connor's favorite things: reading and interacting with Caleb.  This was a book about snakes that Connor had checked out from the school library that day. Caleb was enthralled with the book as Connor read.  Sweetness.

Little Ballerina

 Kylene finished her first session of ballet yesterday and overall really enjoyed learning "ballets" as she calls it.  She had a wonderful teacher in Miss Jennifer and all the little girls were darling to watch.  They learned various ballet positions and terms and 3 dances to different songs.  It was so fun for me to take her and watch her having a good time!

First Feeding

 "So you say we're going to try this cereal thing huh?  I'm not so sure how I feel about this."
 "Okay I see where we're going with this.  I'll take it from here guys."