we've tried every year since we moved to North Carolina, but somehow each season just missed our chance to go strawberry picking!  I was so excited to take the kids and go with my good friends Jami and Rachael and their kids and pick some of the season's juicy deliciousness.

We've been enjoying strawberries in many different forms over the last week...yum.
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easter 2011

 We celebrated Easter this year with a ward Pancake Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning.  The kids had a great time with their friends and getting those eggs!  It was quit the site watching the swarm for children hunt for the eggs.  Someone said it was like watching a vacuum suctioning up the eggs.

 The Easter bunny was very good to the kids and brought them a few treats.  Connor was THRILLED to receive some new Lightning McQueen cars and Kylene was most excited about her new sunglasses and bubbles.

{ Kylene and Jilian ready for the hunt.}

Happy Easter!


this is Connor's first year playing t-ball and he's having a GREAT time!  his team is the Pirates (arrrrr) and two of his best buds, Jaxton and Talan, are on the team with him.  Talan's Dad and our friend, Philip, is the coach and we especially love to hear Talan call his dad "coach" at the games.  Throw some Big League chew in his mouth and the kid's ready for the big leagues. :)

the Pirates seem to be most interested in having a good time as opposed to say, fielding, but we as parents sure think they are a great group to watch.  Go Pirates!Posted by Picasa


beach 2011