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christmas in indy

we had such a fantastic time the week after Christmas at my mom and dad's house. my younger brother Ben, had returned home from a study abroad to China a few weeks earlier and we were so happy to see that handsome face! pretty much first on the agenda was presents, and i don't think there was anyone more excited than Connor!

future construction manager...
i was thrilled to be with my nephew, Zach, again and loved making this happy guy laugh! who couldn't love that face!

Kylene loved being a part of all the action and Zach wanted to be wherever Kylene was.
we just can't quite get enough of her.
it was so fun to be with my sister (isn't she beautiful) and her husband Jon.
we promised Connor snow at Nana and Grandpa's and they delivered! it was really fun for our family to have a white Christmas.
i don't know who's having more fun....

but i think it might be Connor.
we got a chance to be with both sets of my Grandparents while visiting. going to my Grandma and Grandpa Myers' home for our Christmas gathering brought back so many memories from my childhood.
below is my Grandma Myers
the joy of children at Christmas is contagious.
my Dad with my Grandma and Grandpa Myers.
Kylene was a happy participant in the activities and really loved her new purse.
my Mom was successful in getting us together for a family picture before Ben left for Provo.

one of Kylene's favorite spots was the piano
our lovely Nana with Kylene. my Mom makes all holidays and gatherings so fun and works so hard to give us young parents a real vacation. at one point Ashley and I looked at each other and said, "Mom looks really tired. Well, she has been fixing all the meals, cleaning up, watching our children, cleaning the house and doing all the the laundry."
One of Connor's favorite activities was bowling. He had a great time and has been talking about going again ever since.
Kylene was convinced this 16 lb ball was the one for her.
my Dad LOVES playing with Connor. the feeling is mutual.
my Mom got the kids matching pj's which are so darling. i don't know why Kylene can't pull it together for group pictures....
we at tons of good food, watched a few movies, my Mom and sister and I went on a "girls day out", we visited our favorite burger joint, Bub's, played volleyball at the church with our cousins, played games, played lots of Wii, at some more food and just overall had a ball being together. thanks for such a fantastic time Mom and Dad, we're planning our next trip back!

christmas morning 2009

{so sorry it's taken me a month to pull things together post-holidays and get these pictures up. for all the family members that have been waiting, for your viewing pleasure...}
Christmas morning was so fun this year with both Connor and Kylene. Connor received some new Matchbox City Links that he really enjoyed from Santa.
Kylene's gift from Santa was a new baby doll, stroller, and bottle. She was enamored.
Kylene pretty much played with her doll and walked around holding a candy bag from her stocking and eating from it all morning. Connor couldn't be bothered with food since he was so involved in all his new loot!
Byron and I really enjoyed having a laid back day enjoying our kids and each other and getting ready for our trip to Indianapolis the next day.
That night we met up with 4 other families at a tiny take-out Chinese restaurant in Mebane for our Christmas dinner. We pretty much filled up the little seating area and had a ball. The food is delicious and it's so nice to see friends and not have any dishes to do. This is our second year in a row to do this and I think we might just have a tradition on our hands. Big fun at the Stir King. :)


christmas eve

we got to spend Christmas Eve with good friends having a pot luck dinner and making gingerbread houses. i'm 29 years old and this was this first time in my life to make a gingerbread house with real, homemade gingerbread instead of graham crackers. it was thrilling for me. Connor and Byron were the main masterminds behind our cabin while Kylene and I sampled some of the candy.
our gingerbread cabin. it was delicious also. we discovered Kylene loves the ginger taste. she LOVED eating this cabin and wolfed down the ginger snaps i made also.

since we weren't with our family yet, it was so nice to have such a fun event to look forward to. when we got in the car to head over, Connor said, "Let's go partyyyyyy!"
When we got home it was time to get on our Christmas pj's and set out milk, cookies, and reindeer food for Santa and his reindeer. i think we were ALL excited. :)