growing up

 Kylene is growing up fast and has moved on from the bucket swing to the big kid swing.  She loves "under doggies" and wants to be pushed higher and higher.
 I couldn't believe it when I saw her pumping herself on the swing yesterday!

Apparently, it's exhausting being such a big girl.


remember this?I would love to do that all over again if I had one of these super cool bikes to ride. Oh, wait I already have done it again...maybe next time.
{new retro inpspired bikes from CB2}


When I was on a mission in Japan, one of my favorite places to go was "saati wanu" (31 or as we call it in the States, Baskin Robbins.). On Sunday I turned saati wanu (31) and felt like death warmed over. I didn't have any sense of taste or smell but I could imagine how delicous the strawberry cupcakes were that my mother-in-law made in my home, with my children, for my birthday--it sure made me feel special.
Below is a picture taken by one of my 5 year old friends, Jaxton, outside a few months ago with a child camera. He shows promise, don't you think? :) Thank you for all the lovely thoughtfullness on my birthday. I felt very loved and special. I have to say, I think being 31...rocks.


sweet sickies

we had two pajama days at home with two sickies. i heard lots of giggling one morning coming form my room and saw them like this; Connor playing a Curious George game and Kylene laughing in delight. it made my day.
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Proud to be a Cougar

Byron came home today and told me about Brandon Davies' dismissal from the BYU Basketball team and suspension from school because of an Honor Code infraction. Both Byron and I are BYU graduates and I worked full-time for the Honor Code office for two years after graduation. I had a really wonderful experience there and saw first hand how much compassion and support there are for those who have made some bad choices. The Honor Code Office and Dean of Students work so hard with each individual to help them overcome their choices and get back on track. A big part of that is accepting the consequences of the individuals actions. The Honor Code is a major part of being a BYU student. Everyone knows about it, what it is and what's expected of you. Each year, every single student has to meet with their ecclesiastical leader to review the Honor Code and attest that their lives are in harmony with it. No one forces you to sign the Honor Code, no one forces you to be a student at BYU. It's a choice and it's a privilege. I am so proud to know that the University Byron and I love, feels honor and integrity are more important than a possible NCAA title. And this is coming from a MAJOR basketball fan. I wish the best for Brandon Davies. I know there are many people working with him to help him through this difficult time. I still have high hopes for Jimmer and the team going into the end of the season and the tournament. I'm so proud to say...I'm a Cougar!