rainy day

yesterday was such a gloomy, rainy day ALL DAY LONG. Blah. We went from super heat, to super rain, so we were housebound in the afternoon. we did have a fun time though. ABOVE: Kylene entertained herself with her babies and at one point I saw her walking around with necklaces around her neck, playing the harmonica and holding her baby. multitasking is a beautiful thing.
ABOVE: Connor posed himself like this and asked me to take a picture.
Connor and I built the coolest train track and town addition ever. The train track was a joint effort but the rest was all Connor.
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i'm so glad when Daddy comes home

FACT: We are ALL so HAPPY when our Daddy comes home in the evening.
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I usually save TV time for the kids so they can snuggle up with Dad when he gets home. It's one of their very favorite things to do. I think that goes for Dad too.


Posted by PicasaByron and I hung wallpaper for the first time in our lives a few weeks ago. Have you ever hung wallpaper? We found it heart pumping, sweat inducing, tongue biting-ly HARD! :) Byron's had experience doing most household projects with his parents while growing up, but as we were hanging the sinister wallpaper, Byron said, "I'm now realizing why I never hung wallpaper with my parents, this is a no child project!" Byron essentially hung the wallpaper and I was his wallpaper cheerleader. He did the grunt work and I took care of any small fix-ups at the end. We made a good team and we're really happy with the result. Now, will we ever wallpaper again...

dog days of summer

my goodness it's been so HOT here! to beat the heat in the afternoon and get outside, we've been filling up our very small (we need to get a bigger one) pool and eating freeze pops.
Byron usually gets home just in time to take over the wet mayheim while I make dinner. Good set up, no?
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cooling off

we're set to set another heat record today so we were thrilled to accept an invite to meet up with our friends, Jamie and Gabriel, at the Northgate Theater to watch the free movie for the week, Happy Feet. My two kids hadn't seen the movie before and had never seen a movie in a movie theater, talk about exitement! They each got a little popcorn and pop combo which was a thrill and did some dancing in the aisles. When the treats had run out and their feet were tired, we went outside to the fountains and cooled off! run like the wind Kylene!

Jamie and Gabriel

thank heavens for cool water!


happy fourth

we had such a great fourth of july weekend! we kicked off the day on Saturday going to Burlington City Park. Byron had been several times when he was a little boy living in Burlington, NC and had great memories being there. There were a rides for the kids and we all got a thrill from it all.
the cars,

the boats,

the airplanes,
(this is the only ride Kylene begged to get off)
the train,
the carosel.
after our thrill on the rides the kids each were treated to a snow cone (Kylene's first!)

that night we went to our ward's fourth of july picnic and had a great time.
the kids (Connor) were THRILLED to participate in the water balloon toss.

the next night we had some friends and Byron's parents over for dinner and the Byron's parents stayed the night and spent Monday with us. we hit up the Museum of Life and Science and our favorite local Chinese establishment, Stir King, for lunch. we sure were sad to see Mimi and Pap go but hope we can get together for another great weekend soon!
Happy Fourth!


kylene is so expressive and her many faces crack us up. this face comes when she's trying to be funny and get us to laugh (it works). it often also comes as a precurser to a great big "NO!". we hold a laughter for later when that one comes. :)
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new doll

i love this new little doll. a few versions of her will be up in the shop hopefully soon. any ideas on a good name for her?
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