happy fourth

we had such a great fourth of july weekend! we kicked off the day on Saturday going to Burlington City Park. Byron had been several times when he was a little boy living in Burlington, NC and had great memories being there. There were a rides for the kids and we all got a thrill from it all.
the cars,

the boats,

the airplanes,
(this is the only ride Kylene begged to get off)
the train,
the carosel.
after our thrill on the rides the kids each were treated to a snow cone (Kylene's first!)

that night we went to our ward's fourth of july picnic and had a great time.
the kids (Connor) were THRILLED to participate in the water balloon toss.

the next night we had some friends and Byron's parents over for dinner and the Byron's parents stayed the night and spent Monday with us. we hit up the Museum of Life and Science and our favorite local Chinese establishment, Stir King, for lunch. we sure were sad to see Mimi and Pap go but hope we can get together for another great weekend soon!
Happy Fourth!


Karin & Ben said...

SO dang cute!

Dad said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!


Ashley said...

What darling kids you have! Kylene's hair and dress were sooo cute!

Proud gamma said...

Wow! some new stuff at the park in Burlington. Its so fun seeing them have a great time. LOVED our trip up.

Dave said...

When did Kylene turn into a little girl - it must have been over the past few months. It's the pigtails. Cute! C