cooling off

we're set to set another heat record today so we were thrilled to accept an invite to meet up with our friends, Jamie and Gabriel, at the Northgate Theater to watch the free movie for the week, Happy Feet. My two kids hadn't seen the movie before and had never seen a movie in a movie theater, talk about exitement! They each got a little popcorn and pop combo which was a thrill and did some dancing in the aisles. When the treats had run out and their feet were tired, we went outside to the fountains and cooled off! run like the wind Kylene!

Jamie and Gabriel

thank heavens for cool water!


Dad said...

Oh to be young and care free. Your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful Mom that lets them run in water fountains. Way to go K!

Lucky to be the mom said...

Their so grown up. What a perfect summer day :)