Connor's having a GREAT time at my parents with all the attention and adoration from all around him. Here he's having fun at my Aunt Peggy's house. He asks to go there every day now.:)


Future Star

Connor, along with Byron and I follow the rules. Watch what he does after we tell him to keep his elbow up. Enjoy.:)


Viewer Discretion Advised

We have a new after bath game. Connor has dubbed it "Naked Boy, Boo!" How does it go you ask? Let me explain: First, dry off one little boy on his truck bath mat after a bath. Second, let the little boy run around the house while gleefully yelling, "Naked boy, naked boy!" Third, pretend to chase the little boy into his room and not notice as he "hides" and waits to be found. Fourth, get one Daddy to check the closet, under the bed, the drawers in the dresser, and finally behind the rocking chair all the while saying "Boo!" when he think he's uncovered said Naked Boy. Pretend not to notice where Naked Boy is as he laughs hysterically as you "try" to find him. Finally, have Daddy and Naked Boy swap roles (Daddy keeps his clothes on though) and have Naked Boy try to find Daddy in the same way. Warning: Daddy's can get stuck behind the rocking chair. Have a Mommy on hand to help Daddy when this happens. It's been a big hit in our family. Try it out some night when you're looking for a good laugh.:) Where in the world could Connor be?
Quick hide! Daddy's coming!
Checking the bookshelf to see if Daddy's hiding there. (He's giggly gleefully. Who wouldn't with buns like that?)


New Kitchen

Imagine our surprise when a knock came at our door last Friday night from the neighbor who lives above us offering a wooden kitchen set. She asked hesitantly if we could use it and take it off their hands...um, yes, we'd be happy to. I can't believe what a great play item fell into our laps! It came fully equipped and Connor started playing with it right away. I was thrilled to see him using his imagination and pouring us drinks and making "noodles and sauce" on the stove top. Today, he wanted to have a picnic with the table cloth that came with the set. We're so thankful they passed this item onto us and look forward to a lot of fun kitchen years.