New Toys

Connor received some money from relatives for his birthday that I just tucked away to be used at a future date. At Connor's age, we've discovered he's happiest when he's presented with a few new items as opposed to a lot at once, so after Christmas and then having his birthday come a month later, we saved any money he received to spend for him later. We were at the store last week and I found some great books about trucks that I knew he'd enjoy. As I was flipping through them a great thought came,"Hey! Connor has birthday money!" I gathered up a few books and when it came time to go, I asked Connor if he wanted to go buy these new books? His face light up and he wanted to sit down right there in the store and start flipping through them. As I was driving home with a happy boy in his car seat flipping through "truck books" I was reflecting on how satisfying it was to see him so excited over something new. I wondered why we didn't experience this euphoria more often and I realized it's because we don't buy anything. Don't get me wrong, we go to stores often, and we get a cart and meander around and fill our cart up with whatever catches our fancy. But by the end of the trip, everything is back in its place save the few things we came for like, a tomato. I realized Connor was also used to this routine, and I have to say, he does a great job getting a lot of joy from playing with toys while still in the box/package and putting things in the cart. Up to this point, he has understood that everything goes back, and he's been fine with that since we've never done anything differently. Now, don't misunderstand me. Connor has PLENTY. Being the first grandchild on both sides and an adored boy all around, he's seen his fair share of gifts and excitement, it's just always been a treat, not a regular part of our lives because he's blessed to the first child with parents who are in graduate school. I was so caught up in his excitement over a few new books that I asked him if he wanted to go to the store to by some new trucks? If he could drive, I think he would have sped off before I had a chance to put my coat on, he was so THRILLED! I was trying to explain to a 2 year old that he had birthday money and that's why we were buying these special things, hoping he wouldn't come to expect something every time we go the store from now on. So far, so good. I have to say though, it's been a win-win situation because I love seeing his joy and he's so happy and content and play with his new toys. Case in point, the other night I was able to set up his table in the kitchen and present him with 24 new Playdoh colors and Playdoh accessories. I was able to make dinner and have it on the table by the time Byron got home and Connor played happily next to me until Byron arrived. It may have just been a fluke, but I'll take it!


Connor's Tricks

For some reason I can't get the sound to work, but Connor's jumping like a frog, crawling like a bear, and doing sit-ups. To us, this is all very cute and hilarious.:)


"You're Keeping Your Age Well"

This just cracks me up even more after Byron's experience. Connor and I were exploring the surrounding neighborhoods a few days ago and met several very nice people. One of these was a 60 year old man named Buzz. He was so kind to invite Connor to play in his mulch/mud pile and throw all his rocks in his garden. While Connor got dirty Buzz and I had a nice chat. One of Buzz's first questions was, "So, do you watch this little boy?" To which I responded, "Yes, I'm his Mother." Buzz tried to smooth his face from the shock/confusion that first flitted past it when I quickly said, "I know, I look much younger than I am." He asked how old I was and I repsonded, "27." He nodded his head in the affirmative that I did indeed look like a teenager, but he was kind and said, "Well, you're sure holding your age well." I don't know if that's a compliment a 27 year old mother wants to hear or not, but I'll take it. So to you Buzz, and the couple at AAA who exclaimed they didn't know teenagers could get married (it was a summer job the summer Byron and I got married. I was 23.) I say thanks, and I hope to "hold my age well" for a long, long time.


He's Already Spoken For, Thank You

Last night Byron attended our Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting. Byron was involved in part of the Young Men's training. After the meeting ended he was approached by a man from another ward who introduced himself and asked if he new a sister from the Singles' Ward. When Byron stated he did not, the man proceeded to tell Byron what a wonderful person this woman is. Not only is she the best Relief Society President the ward has ever had, but she's the best President in the Region...imagine! It wasn't until after the conversation ended that Byron realized the man had been trying to set the two up! We laughed and laughed when Byron recounted the story to me. I asked Byron what he said while the man was going on about what a wonderful person this woman was and he said he was saying things like, "Wow, that's great. It's great to have such wonderful people in our wards and stakes.":) I told Byron he should take it as a great compliment that this man thought he would be a good match for the best Relief Society President in the Region. Several people told Byron last night that he looked like he was fresh off the mission and obviously, this man thought this Elder needed a good wife. Well, thanks, but he's taken!


Valentine's Cookies

Connor was THRILLED when I suggested we make cookies for FHE. He was such a good helper.
He helped us cut the dough out (notice the flour mustache), (which one of these is not like the others?)
he LOVED putting sprinkles on,
red was his favorite,
he even helped frost. What a guy.
We were surprised that he had no interest in eating the frosting or cookies. He did however have a clear idea on how he wanted to decorate the cookies and let his opinions be known. So...we have a lot of cookies with A LOT of sprinkles. Happy Valentine's Day!



Connor and I went to Kroger today to get groceries. My total rang up at $69.67. I gave the cashier my "Kroger Rewards Card" to swipe through. It was a miracle. I paid $47.53. Wow. Thank you Kroger.


Sisters, Sisters...

I got to go up to Buena Vista, Virginia this weekend to be with my sister and her husband. We laughed a LOT, we ate really good food, we watched fun movies, and stamped some cards out. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed manning the kitchen because Ashley and Jon have GREAT equipment. I also loved making cards with Ashley--she has all the gagets and it's all organized! What a concept! Thanks for all the laughs you two, let's do it again!