A few weeks ago we took the chance to go down and visit Byron's family during the time Byron had off from school. We had a great time and Connor LOVES being at Mimi and Papa's house. Some of the things he like the best this time were: running in the sprinkler and making a river in the huge sandbox; picking blueberries with Mimi (we knew he had tasted his first fresh-picked blueberry when we heard, "Mmm, delicious!" from behind a bush. I don't think another blueberry saw the bottom of his bucket after that.); playing with Byron's old Star Wars figurines, even I think they're pretty cool; and going to his first Rodeo (and my first for that matter). It was fun to see all the cows/bulls/beautiful horses. Connor got some star treatment before the Rodeo started. I guess when you're cute, people will let you do things like ride their truck, ride their horse, and ride their tractor. It's a little boys dream I tell you. Byron's Dad also bought Connor his first ever snow cone, and he um...loved it.