Rub a Dub, Dub

As you can tell from this picture, Connor was in serious need of a little refreshment while in the tub the other night. We had been playing outside and then thrown him the tub and he was desperately (wink, wink) calling for a juice box. Now I ask you, who's in charge in this family?:)The soap monster came and took over our little boy the other night. I don't think Connor minded though.


Amerian Idol Question

So, I haven't really been following this season of Amercan Idol, but I caught a few shows here and there. For those of you who watched the Finale, did anyone else feel a little awkward after the winner was announced and Ryan Seacrest followed a crying, overcome David Cook around the stage, then gave him the "opportunity" to share how he was feeling in the moment? (Uh, I think the cry and walking around dazed on the stage pretty much summed up the picture for me). So, when they had successfully difussed any and all momentum from the show and the crowd was silent, the mother and brother run up onto the stage and bear hug him (still in silence, not thunderous cheering) while David is still trying to answer the "How do you feel in this moment?" question. Then, as if someone suddenly had a great idea of how to make the moment even more awkward, they ushered the mother and brother off the stage and urged the other AI kicked off contests towards David to stand in an awkward (are we sensing a pattern here?) group around David as he sang and gave David A. side hugs. I found myself cringing on my couch wishing it would all just come to an end. Just wondering if anyone else was cringing on their couches?


Update from the Living Dead

Thanks to all our friends who have helped us over the past week. Just an update: Connor got sick, I got sick, now Byron is sick. Oh yeah, we moved to a new apartment in the middle. How you might ask? I have no idea. We're hoping to be back to our jolly selves soon. I just have to keep reminding myself, I signed up for this in heaven, I signed up for this in heaven, I signed up for this in heaven....:)