Byron's Talents

Byron just finished this painting last night. It's a negative space image of the Brooklyn Bridge inspired by David McCullough's The Great Bridge. I am thrilled with it and can't wait to hang it over our bed.
(Byron wanted me to let all you readers out there know if you would like a similar art masterpiece he can make it for a mere $500.) :)


Connor Likes...

connor likes books... connor likes stuffed animals...
apparently, connor likes filling his bed with books and stuffed animals during nap time. where he actually ended up sleeping i have no idea.
looks comfy huh?


Some Connor Firsts

We've had some big events in the Kubik family recently.
1. Connor out of the blue one afternoon looked at me and said, "Connor Kubik". It was the most darling thing! I kept asking him what his name was over and over and each time I got the same "Connor Kubik" response. I also asked him what my name was wondering if he's say "Mommy" or "Mommy Kubik" and he said, "Kristi". Okay, who's been teaching this kid behind my back?:)
2. My Grandpa Myers, Connor's Great Grandpa Myers, gave Connor a twenty dollar bill when we were visiting in Indiana recently. Connor and I have recently been discussing the concept of "money" as we've been at the store and he picks something up and says, "buy this", and I ask him if he has any money. Recognition dawned on his face as the bill was handed to him and he turned to me with wonder in his eyes and said, "Mommy, my money". Maybe we have a broker on our hands, I don't know. Anyway, we were at the store the other day going through the same, "Buy this" and "No, we're not buying any toys today" when I remembered Connor's $20 in my purse. I asked him if he wanted to buy the car with his own money and he was thrilled! I made my purchases first, then held him up so he could give the car to the cashier to ring up and then gave him his money to hand to the cashier. He was thrilled to get money back (the beauty of change) AND to get his car! What a great system we have here in America!:) All day he kept showing me his new car and I kept on emphasizing that it was HIS car and that he had bought it with his own money. When the $20 runs out do I need to start him on chores to earn money? Sheez, he's only 2 and a half, but I'm not made of money either. I'll let you know what I decide.
3. Connor has moved from his crib to a toddler bed (wipe away a tear from his mother's eye). He helped Byron take the crib apart and put in the baby's room and then helped Byron put his toddler bed together helping Daddy with the tools. He was THRILLED and kept on telling me he was a good worker. He hasn't glanced back and has been a good boy and sleeper in his new bed. Our little guy is growing up.


Horsing Around

I had forgotten that with daylight savings time, dusk doesn't settle over Indiana until about 9:45. Crazy. Some of our most enjoyable moments at my parents home were playing around outside on the driveway while Ben shot hoops. Connor had a great time running in an out of the garage pulling out a new item every time.

Start 'em young, that's what I say.
What beats a pint-size lawn chair and some chips? Not much.

Putt-Putt for the Fun of It

On our last evening in Indiana we went putt-putting or miniature golfing for all of you who live in the west.:) Connor had a great time for the first 9 holes then boredom and exhaustion set in. Here's how the first nine holes went:
Trade balls and putters with family members until you find a winning (matching colors) combination. Get your ball ready and stare the hole down.
Pick your ball up and run towards the hole with putter in hand.
Drop the ball in the hole.
Accept the applause and "hoorays" from your family with gratitude, grace and dignity.
Repeat the whole process, but this time check out the angles of the green before dropping your ball in.
Now that we're home, he keeps on asking to go on an "outing" to go putt-putt. Hey, on the upside, my short game may really improve as putt-putting becomes a favorite pass-time for our family. (Just as a side-note: I, Kristi, was the overall winner that night beating out, Ben, Ashley, Mom and Dad. Had Byron been able to be with us, it might have been a different story, but I'm taking the victory and running with it.)

Knee High by the 4th of July

"Knee high by the 4th of July" is a saying in Indiana that means the corn should be at least to the knee if you're going to have a good crop that year. Things looked pretty good to me and corn grilled in its shuck was in abundance at "Carmel Fest" the big 4th of July celebration in Carmel, Indiana. Here we are in the evening at Carmel Fest before we all broke to go find that delicious fair food. Ben, Kristi, Connor, Mom, Dad and Jon I had to put this picture in to get Ashley since she was the one taking the pictures always.
Connor and Grandpa. My Dad immediately offered to take Connor back to the gaming area while I got some food and relaxed. They had a great time but Connor wore Grandpa out! He had to call for reinforcements which happily came.
Connor did this ball game 3 times and loved it. The only problem was trying to coax all the kids out when the time was up. The worker joked he needed a pole with a hook on it to fish them all out.

Connor was one of the last we were able to coax out onto the slide.
He also loved this obstacle course. Once again, the only problem we had was coaxing him out. He'd get to the end and then turn back before Ashley or I could snag him. A little high school girl had to go in after him. We called it quits on the games after that. He had worn three adults out!
We went to the Carmel Parade in the morning and got to see the fire trucks and police cars before it poured. Gotta love Indiana weather. Connor kept on saying "Hooray! Parade!" I think it was a hit.


Indianapolis Zoo

One morning my Mom, sister and I went to the Indianapolis Zoo and had a great time. I told them at the end of the trip that we had each done our jobs well and it had only taken three adults to take one toddler to the zoo. Our jobs: mine to trail Connor; Mom's to take care of all our stuff and provide the money which in turn provided the fun; and Ashley to document the whole thing with her camera--way to go Ash.:)
Connor having a great time in the underwater Dolphin Aquarium.Getting hands washed after the desert exhibit. He was pretty thrilled by all the turtles and lizards.
His first of two rides on the carousel. Once again, thanks to Nana for providing the tickets.
At the farm.
He spotted a playground at the zoo that was teaming with kids. This slide was his favorite and the static and his hair cracked us up.


One of the first fun things we got to be a part of while visiting my family in Indiana was getting together at my Aunt and Uncle's home to celebrate Grandma Billie's 80th birthday. Grandpa H.P. and Grandma Billie (my Dad's parents) have taken an active role in all of their grandkids' lives and we love them for it. They are genuine, happy, loving, good people. This picture captures them perfectly. Happy with each other and happy together. Aunt Peggy is fun, fun, fun! Connor loved her and loved being at their home. We've concluded that people of all ages like being with Aunt Peggy.
One of the funniest things we did that night was play softball: Terry Myers family vs. Randy Myers family. Sadly, the Randy Myers family lost (mostly thanks to our ex-college baseball player Dad who struck out every time trying to hit a home run.):) Connor was joyous running around, chasing balls and lightning bugs.