Horsing Around

I had forgotten that with daylight savings time, dusk doesn't settle over Indiana until about 9:45. Crazy. Some of our most enjoyable moments at my parents home were playing around outside on the driveway while Ben shot hoops. Connor had a great time running in an out of the garage pulling out a new item every time.

Start 'em young, that's what I say.
What beats a pint-size lawn chair and some chips? Not much.


Ash & Jon said...

wow K. You have a series of great posts there. And thanks for including me in the 4th of July post! :-)

Kristi said...

The photos of Connor are terrific! I loved reading through all your blogs. Mom

Lindsey Loo said...

he is such a cutie!!!
i cant believe you are pregnant! did i know that? well anywho congratulations!

Marie Seavers said...

Oh my Kristi! He is so grown up! What a cutie pie he is. So when are oyu due?