Putt-Putt for the Fun of It

On our last evening in Indiana we went putt-putting or miniature golfing for all of you who live in the west.:) Connor had a great time for the first 9 holes then boredom and exhaustion set in. Here's how the first nine holes went:
Trade balls and putters with family members until you find a winning (matching colors) combination. Get your ball ready and stare the hole down.
Pick your ball up and run towards the hole with putter in hand.
Drop the ball in the hole.
Accept the applause and "hoorays" from your family with gratitude, grace and dignity.
Repeat the whole process, but this time check out the angles of the green before dropping your ball in.
Now that we're home, he keeps on asking to go on an "outing" to go putt-putt. Hey, on the upside, my short game may really improve as putt-putting becomes a favorite pass-time for our family. (Just as a side-note: I, Kristi, was the overall winner that night beating out, Ben, Ashley, Mom and Dad. Had Byron been able to be with us, it might have been a different story, but I'm taking the victory and running with it.)


Jules said...

I love the angles picture!! he will be a pro golfer if he keeps up that attitude!

melissa said...

Is it not called putt-putt in the West? I so didn't know that. Conner and Chloe have the same golf strategy. Except after every hole, she'd pick up the ball and say, "I'm good at this game!" Too bad Conner's not around to teach her grace and dignity.