Knee High by the 4th of July

"Knee high by the 4th of July" is a saying in Indiana that means the corn should be at least to the knee if you're going to have a good crop that year. Things looked pretty good to me and corn grilled in its shuck was in abundance at "Carmel Fest" the big 4th of July celebration in Carmel, Indiana. Here we are in the evening at Carmel Fest before we all broke to go find that delicious fair food. Ben, Kristi, Connor, Mom, Dad and Jon I had to put this picture in to get Ashley since she was the one taking the pictures always.
Connor and Grandpa. My Dad immediately offered to take Connor back to the gaming area while I got some food and relaxed. They had a great time but Connor wore Grandpa out! He had to call for reinforcements which happily came.
Connor did this ball game 3 times and loved it. The only problem was trying to coax all the kids out when the time was up. The worker joked he needed a pole with a hook on it to fish them all out.

Connor was one of the last we were able to coax out onto the slide.
He also loved this obstacle course. Once again, the only problem we had was coaxing him out. He'd get to the end and then turn back before Ashley or I could snag him. A little high school girl had to go in after him. We called it quits on the games after that. He had worn three adults out!
We went to the Carmel Parade in the morning and got to see the fire trucks and police cars before it poured. Gotta love Indiana weather. Connor kept on saying "Hooray! Parade!" I think it was a hit.

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