Indianapolis Zoo

One morning my Mom, sister and I went to the Indianapolis Zoo and had a great time. I told them at the end of the trip that we had each done our jobs well and it had only taken three adults to take one toddler to the zoo. Our jobs: mine to trail Connor; Mom's to take care of all our stuff and provide the money which in turn provided the fun; and Ashley to document the whole thing with her camera--way to go Ash.:)
Connor having a great time in the underwater Dolphin Aquarium.Getting hands washed after the desert exhibit. He was pretty thrilled by all the turtles and lizards.
His first of two rides on the carousel. Once again, thanks to Nana for providing the tickets.
At the farm.
He spotted a playground at the zoo that was teaming with kids. This slide was his favorite and the static and his hair cracked us up.

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