we've moved...

but it's probably going to be a while yet before i get some pictures up and going on the blog. until then, here's a picture of Kylene and I back in January at Chuck E Cheese. I friend just sent it to me and i love it!


dogwood festival

okay, so i tried to do something different with my layout and it's all crazy, not what i was going for, but hey it works.
a few weekends ago we went to the Dogwood Festival in Mebane. for those Carmel, IN natives it reminded me a lot of Carmelfest. Connor got to pick out a few activities to do and Kylene and I rode the carousel together. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the whole thing, but i had a good time. :) we got good carnival food (Connor enjoyed every drop of a snow cone and then put down a hot dog and popcorn. great day or what?) we perused the different vendors and listened to a band warm-up. the kids danced around until the band kicked it into full gear and Connor and Kylene froze and put their hands over their ears. :) they had gotten the flavor and we moved on. that morning i ran in a 5K with my great friend Jami as part of the festival. we ran it in 30 min and 20 seconds and were totally proud of ourselves. :) the more our little family gets to know the little town of Mebane, the happier we are that we get to call it home.