I Love Laughter!

I have so much fun with Connor everyday. He is such a sweet, pleasant boy to be with. However, when we moved to North Carolina we bought a new desktop computer that we had been saving up for and really needed. We have limited space in this new home, so the computer is set up in our room upstairs. The computer desk allows for the hard drive to be close to the floor. This has proved problematic for us because the on/off button is a nice pretty blue color. Irresistible for little boys. Whenever we've forgotten to close our door or turn our heads, he's in our room in a flash pushing that button! Seriously, does anyone know how many times your computer can be shut down this way without destroying everything? Anyway, this scenario happened this morning. It didn't cause any harm b/c the computer hadn't been on to begin with, but I was tyring to get the point across. I picked Connor up saying, "No, no." And tried to look him in the eye. He was refusing to look at me and the higher I lifted him up to see his eyes, the lower he would raise his head. I was saying, "Connor, look at me, look at Mommy. No, no." He then just started cracking up like he'd been trying to hold it back, but just couldn't any longer. Well, the sound of his hearty laugh cracked me up too and we ended up rolling on the bed tickling and laughing our heads off. I may not be much of a disciplinarian, but we sure do have a good time together! Love you buddy!


My Favorite Time of the Year...

Byron and I have been married over four years now. During the past four years, I have really appreciated Byron's loving self-reflection he has given me from time to time. How did I know so little about myself, I mean come on, it is well, ME! One of these funny moments happened recently. I've been becoming slightly panicky about the HOT and HUMID weather here in sunny North Carolina. (Did I mention it's been HOT and HUMID?) So, I've found myself dreaming of pumpkins and beautiful colored leaves, of carameled apples and apple pie (ala mode of course).:) I've even been checking out various stores for Halloween costumes, come one girl, get a grip! Anyway, in the midst of my dreaming, I said to Byron, "Did you know that fall is my favorite time of year?" He promptly started laughing and said, "Um, you have a lot of favorite times of the year." I looked at him quizically and he proceeded to give me some information about myself that apparently, I lacked. I guess with the onset of every new season, I say happily to Byron, "Did you know (fill in the blank) is my favorite time of the year?" I thought about that and it's true! I LOVE fall! I love football and tailgating and cooler weather and fall treats. I loved pumpkins and trick-or-treaters and costumes and parties. I love that it moves into Thanksgiving, which moves into what I think really is my favorite time of year...CHRISTMAS!!!! Which moves into New Years, which moves into the Super Bowl (I love any excuse to make and eat bean dip) which moves into March Madness (can't get enough baby) which moves into warmer weather which moves into the end of school which moves into summer and another favorite...the beach! So yes, my heart is filled with joy and happiness during many different times of the year. I count myself...lucky.:)

Here's a picture of a fall wreath I made for $6.67 after walking around JoAnn's for 2 hrs and made it in 5 min after getting home I was so excited. The count down to Sept. 1 is on, because that's when I've told myself I can put it on the door.:)

Byron's Sand Sculpture

This is what can happen when Byron's creative juices start flowing. It's fun for all of us!


Beach Baby

What a great time we had at the beach! We met my family at Kure Beach in North Carolina and had a week of happiness. Does life get any better? We stayed in a beautiful beach home surrounded by other beautiful beach homes located right across the street from the beach (walk out the door, turn left, cross the street, walk onto the beach, enjoy life!). We had a great time with my family and had a great time watching Connor discover the joys of sand and waves and sand "creatures". Connor loved playing in the sand with his Dad especially. He even enjoyed letting the waves wash up over his feet the last day. Brave boy! Our last day at the beach, Byron created a beautiful dragon sand sculpture. Does his talent have an end? And it's official...I'm a beach girl at heart!

Video Killed the Radio Star

Well, here I am! A blogger! I feel like in some ways (technologically speaking) I am the Radio Star the Video killed. How did I become so outdated so quickly! I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm determined not to live in the technological dark ages, so I'm pressing forward!:) I have so enjoyed visiting friends' blogs and I wanted to share some of the same joy our family experiences that I have felt viewing others. I have laughed out loud, been brought to tears and just LOVED reading about the little, day to day joys and bumps that make us all human. I love being a mother and find such happiness in the small moments of each day. I hope this blog will help those we love and miss stay connected with our family as we grow and change and hopefully get better! (It's a work in progress people, a work in progress):) Be patient with me as I navigate this new world--hopefully we'll all be able to laugh...together.