4 MoNtHs

At four months Kylene weighs 14 lb 13 oz, is 24 inches long and the doctor indicates her brain is growing well by the growth of her head...whew! :)

Our four month girl's favorite songs are "We are a Happy Family", "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "I'm Like a Star". Her favorite book is Love Bug. She's starting to go to sleep without crying (I love it when they reach this stage of sleeping) and loves a soft blanket by her cheek. She's reaching and grabbing for all objects and putting them right in her mouth. She wants to sit up at the table with us as we eat and follows the food from my fork to my mouth with her lips smacking. We may start her on solids earlier than later. :) She lights up when one of us walks up to her, but has become slightly wary of strangers. However, she can be won over pretty easily. Her thunder thighs have increased in size and her hair continues to lighten up. She did really well on her first extended car trip. She laughs more and more and we've discovered she's ticklish on her rib cage. She has sparkly eyes. We love her.


Abominable Church

The other night while reading the Book of Mormon with Connor before bedtime, the scriptures mentioned the "abominable church". That peeked Connor's interest and he wanted to know what abominable meant and where the church was. Not quit sure how to explain it, I told him it was far away and I'd point it out to him the next time we passed it. That seemed to satisfy him and we didn't talk about again. Today he pulled out paper and markers to color and announced he was going to draw a picture of the abominable church. I'm interested to see what it looks like. :)



I laid Kylene down in Connor's bed while I was helping him put on his clothes and Connor promptly "tucked" Kylene in with his blanket. Connor calls Kylene "sweetheart". Is that just too much or what?Connor and I had a great time building towers. This isn't even the biggest one we built, but he had such a great time knocking them down after we built them (that was the best part to him) that I had to really hold him off just to get this picture. He and I really have a fun time together. He is my best buddy.

Kylene has started sticking her tongue out and we love it. When we go to get her from her crib, she gives us a HUGE toothless grin and then sticks her tongue out at us. I don't think we could love this baby any more!


Dear Mimi and Papa,

Thanks for letting us come to your house during my Dad's Spring Break. I had a GREAT time. The car drive down to your house was too long, but I was a good boy and helped my sister be happy in her car seat. I'm a good big brother. Did I mention your house is too far away? I was really excited to see your new barn and play in the sand box. Good thing you had me there to make sure Missy got enough to eat. By the way, Mimi, Missy needs some more dog bones. Even though Izzy bit, me, that's OK. We still became good friends. I keep asking my Mom were kitty is and wonder why we couldn't bring her home with us? I really really loved playing with all you Star Wars stuff. Wow, you have A LOT of really cool toys. It's really fun at Mimi and Papa's house. I liked playing with the kitchen this time and always have fun playing ping pong. I'm pretty sure next time I visit I'll be able to hit the ball back. Thanks for taking me to the zoo Mimi. Even though I was REALLY thirsty and we couldn't find anywhere to buy an Icee, I still had a really fun time. Papa, it's too far to your house. I was really excited to watch Mulan and really liked the movie Recess too. Thanks for all the good food and snacks. I really like being at your house and can't wait to come back.
love you,
P.S. I'm pretty sure my Mom and Dad and Kylene had a good time too.



We are so thrilled for my sister Ashley and her husband Jon who welcomed their first baby boy, Zachary David Henderson, on February 28. The little man was 8 lb 13 oz and 22 in long. Whoa baby! Ashley and Jon gave Connor and Kylene their first cousin and gave Bryon and I our first nephew. We are so excited about this new addition to our family and can't wait to see Ashley and Jon as parents. They are going to be wonderful!