4 MoNtHs

At four months Kylene weighs 14 lb 13 oz, is 24 inches long and the doctor indicates her brain is growing well by the growth of her head...whew! :)

Our four month girl's favorite songs are "We are a Happy Family", "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "I'm Like a Star". Her favorite book is Love Bug. She's starting to go to sleep without crying (I love it when they reach this stage of sleeping) and loves a soft blanket by her cheek. She's reaching and grabbing for all objects and putting them right in her mouth. She wants to sit up at the table with us as we eat and follows the food from my fork to my mouth with her lips smacking. We may start her on solids earlier than later. :) She lights up when one of us walks up to her, but has become slightly wary of strangers. However, she can be won over pretty easily. Her thunder thighs have increased in size and her hair continues to lighten up. She did really well on her first extended car trip. She laughs more and more and we've discovered she's ticklish on her rib cage. She has sparkly eyes. We love her.


Mark and Jill Smallwood said...

very cute pictures. I love conner's hair :-)

Ash & Jon said...

You all look great! And Connor truly looks like a little stud! Love the hair!

Dad said...

What a cute little family (with Dad taking the picture of course). YOur children are darling and Connor is such a little boy. I can't wait to see them.