a visit!

my sister, Ashley, and her little boy, Zach, flew up from Orlando a few weeks ago for a visit. we had SUCH a great time. it was so fun for me to be able to just hang out with Ashley. two of the kids weren't feeling their best during the week so that really slowed us all down and we got to have lots of fun just haning out around the house. Ashley caught some beautiful pics of Zach and Kylene.

come visit again!


Connor's 5!

on January 21st, Connor turned 5! that seemed like a big birthday to us and i guess to him too because when he woke up in the morning he asked if he was 5 yet; when i told him he indeed was, he jumped up in the air and asked if i was impressed with how high he could jump now that he was five. i told him to count me impressed!
we had a few neighborhood friends over for play, pizza and cake. Connor had a great time and felt really special, but as the night wore on, i could tell he was starting to not feel very well. we found him in his pj's in bed waiting for a story after we were done cleaning up. he said now that he was 5, he could put his pj's on by himself. that's what i'm talkin' about.

we sure love this little/big boy!
Happy Birthday Connor!


Christmas 2010

so many have wondered why i've been away from blogging so long. i would tell you now, but it would sound like complaining. you can call me if you'd like and ask, but all you'd hear is a long tale with a lot of complaining. i'd advise against it if i were you. so here we are, good attitude in hand, back and ready to share what we've been up to the past few months.
we had a really magical Christmas this year. this was the first year Connor was really THRILLED about Santa and all the wonder that brings to a child's mind. he woke me up every morning for a week before Christmas thinking that this just might be the morning Santa had come. when that morning finally arrived, i think it was just what he had been waiting for. Santa brought a lot of dinosaur toys, books and a new scooter. when we wouldn't hold Connor off any more from opening up presents under the tree, i went upstairs and woke up our sweetly sleeping Kylene. she was groggy and snuggled up into me as we came downstairs, but as soon as she caught a glimpse of her new baby and stroller she pushed away from me and said, "Down! Down!"

we had a breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate and skyped with Nana and Grandpa. then we loaded up the car and headed to S. Carolina to Mimi and Papa's house! it was so fun to arrive there on Christmas day and be there with Logan, Codi, Staci, Theresa, Bev and Maw Maw and Paw Paw. the kids couldn't believe there were even MORE presents to open and Connor got the thrill of his day when he opened up not one but TWO remote control dinosaurs from Mimi and Papa. he had asked Santa for some but Santa must have known that Mimi and Papa had that in store for him.

we got snowed in the next day (Christmas miracle!) and had a great time hanging out and playing Wii.

the best part to Byron and I was that we were all healthy this Christmas. to us that was the best present of all.