Connor's 5!

on January 21st, Connor turned 5! that seemed like a big birthday to us and i guess to him too because when he woke up in the morning he asked if he was 5 yet; when i told him he indeed was, he jumped up in the air and asked if i was impressed with how high he could jump now that he was five. i told him to count me impressed!
we had a few neighborhood friends over for play, pizza and cake. Connor had a great time and felt really special, but as the night wore on, i could tell he was starting to not feel very well. we found him in his pj's in bed waiting for a story after we were done cleaning up. he said now that he was 5, he could put his pj's on by himself. that's what i'm talkin' about.

we sure love this little/big boy!
Happy Birthday Connor!


Chelsea Monet said...

What a great cake you made him! I love it!

Happy birthday, Connor!

codi said...

Thats such an awesome cake Kristi! Not too surprising that you could pull something off like that!

Geoff and Janene said...

Happy Happy late Birthday Connor. I thought of him that day, does that count? I can't believe he is 5!