a yard

we're exactly 2 weeks from closing and our house is almost completed!
master bath backyard view from master

downstairs half bath
new dishwasher and sink

new microwave

one of two trees
ta da!
connor was so excited about the yard he asked if he could bring is lawn mower and mow. :)


weekend highlights

even though 3 out of the 4 of us were dealing with various degrees of a cold, we did manage to have some fun moments over the weekend.
Centex was throwing a party at our soon-to-be neighborhood and we got to enjoy the last little bit of the party.

Does that look like a good time or what?

Kylene also got in her share of giggles in the toddler bouncy house.
after the party, we of course had to walk over and see the progress on our home.
the inside is all painted,
the bathroom countertops and sinks are in,

we have logs in our fireplace,
and gutters on the outside.
it also looks like they've graded the land in preparation for sod and a few plants and trees.
the kids got a kick out of sitting in an excavator. :)

a few measley colds can't keep us down!

thank you Aunt Tracey!!!

last Wednesday, i went over to the office to pick up a package the mailman said we had received. i was so surprised to find TWO packages, one addressed to Connor and the other to Kylene. I came home and told them they had packages to open and an exciting evening ensued.
Connor identifies his package and begins to move it to the floor;
Trying to figure out how to get in...;

"Mom! You're a genius! How did you know to use scissors?!?"
"Hey guys, me too!"
Dumping the loot,
sitting amongst the spoils,testing out the toys,
eating the candy,
and doing the happy dance.
Thanks for the GREAT surprise Aunt Tracey! You made out day! Love you!



i would love to do something like this in our home. it would have to be on a smaller scale b/c of the space we'd have to put it, but isn't that cool and functional? you can read more about it HERE.


all the stockings were hung...

so, i have my fireplace to hang our Christmas stockings from! in December of course, i'm not as Christmas crazy as Byron would make me out to be. :)cabinets in the kitchen, fridge will go here

more kitchen cabinets where range and microwave will go

view from upstairs looking out from the laundry room onto the loft

Connor buddy by his window. he's always so proud to pose here. :)
all the moldings are in, doors are framed in and doors on on, and they've primed everything to be painted. pinch me.

Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

we really cannot get enough of this meal!

6 bone-in pork chops cut 3/4 in thick
coarse salt and ground pepper
2 TB butter (real butter vs margarine makes a real difference)
1 large white onion, sliced
2 apples, cored and sliced
1 cup chicken broth

1. Sprinkle chops generously with salt and pepper on both sides. Heat a large skillet over high heat and then swirl in the olive oil. Lay in the chops and don't move them for a few minutes, to assure a good golden sear forms. Turn and brown well on the second side for a total of 10 minutes. Transfer chops to a warm plate.

2. swirl the butter into the pan. Add the onion and apples. Saute' until the onion slices are lightly caramelized and the apples have begun to soften, about 8 minutes. Stir in the chicken broth. Return chops to pan, covering with the onion/apple mixture.

3. Cook until pork it tender (a min to 15, depending on the size of the chops) turning halfway through and covering the chops again with the mixture. If the apple mixture needs a little thickening, transfer chops to a warm plate again and simmer the mixture on high for a few minutes to reduce. Serve chops over rice with a large spoonful of the apple-onion mixture over top.


Crispy Ginger-Lime Chicken

{from Martha Stewart Everyday Food}
1 TB finely grated peeled fresh ginger (I used 1 tsp ground ginger)
1 TB fresh lime juice (I used bottled lime juice)
2 tsp curry powder
4 scallions, minced (I used red onion)
coarse salt and ground pepper
8 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs
1. Heat broiler, with rack set 4 inches from heat. Line a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil; set aside. In a small bowl, combine ginger, lime juice, curry powder, scallions, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp pepper.
2. Arrange chicken on prepared baking sheet; Gently loosen skin from each piece of chicken. Dividing evenly, rub ginger mixture under skin.
3. Turn thighs, skin side down, on baking sheet. Broil about 5 minutes. Flip thighs, skin side up, and continue to broil until skin is crisp and when cut juices run clear, 6-8 minutes more. Serve chicken drizzled with pan juices.
Note: I followed the recipe's broiling instructions and my chicken wasn't finished cooking by the end but my skin was starting to blacken. Next time I think I'll bake the chicken at a high temp first and then finish it off under the broiler with the chicken skin side up to crisp up the skin. This dinner was soooooo delicious through, yum. :)


first of the season

our good friends and neighbors, the Costales, invited us out for our first cookout of the spring/summer season. we met over at the our apartment's playground area that has a grill and had the BEST night. the 3 kids just ran around and played while we got the food ready. Jami and Chester brought the BQ'd chicken and other sides which all where so wonderfully satisfying. wish i has some more to eat right now....

ahhh, deliciousness. Kylene actually walked around after dinner with a drumstick in her hand taking big bites out of it every once in a while. Jami and Chester said she looked like Pebbles from the Flinstones.
Connor was so excited about the s'mores but decided he liked to cook them but not eat them. he found other people who liked them though.
Exhibit A: the beginning of a s'more.
Exhibit B: the END of a s'more.

youtube, music, and a pony tail

we found a video from Ok Go on my friend's blog and my kids have watched it over and over and over...
Connor sings the chorus line, Kylene bobs her head and bounces her knees and we now play "marching band" around the house. the marching band in the video is the Notre Dame marching band which i think is pretty darn cool.

i used this moment of distraction to put Kylene's hair into a pony tail. she looked so darling! when i tried is again, this time in pigtails, yesterday, she screamed like her brain was being sucked out or something. when i finally gave in and took the rubber bands out she rubbed the back of her head and sighed like, "oh that feels better."

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easter weekend

our Easter Weekend began with our Ward's annual Easter Egg Hunt and breakfast. there were 750 eggs to be had and we ended up with very few of them. go figure. :) Connor ran with the big kids and i think they got the eggs before he was able too. when Byron and I saw what was happening, we started gathering any eggs we saw, but by that time things were pretty well picked over. man, those eggs go fast! i asked Connor has he was doing and he showed me his 4 eggs and said, "Not very well." Talk about heartbreaking! I was able to add my three and Byron found 2 more. Byron and I really talked up his eggs saying things like "Wow! Look at all those great eggs!" Connor started coming around and saying things like, "Wow! I got great eggs!" All's well that ends well.
Kylene was about as precious as she could be picking up her first few eggs. what a doll face.

Connor was so excited Easter morning, but I failed to catch any good pictures. I did get this one of Kylene eyeing her present first thing. Both she and Connor were excited with their few gifts and candy.

Happy Easter 2010!

new seat

kylene has discovered that the yellow plastic step stool in Connor and Kylene's bathroom makes a great little seat at the coffee table. one of her first "chores" of the morning is to go get the stool and put it next to the table. she can be found throughout the day eating a snack or reading at her new favorite spot.
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