easter weekend

our Easter Weekend began with our Ward's annual Easter Egg Hunt and breakfast. there were 750 eggs to be had and we ended up with very few of them. go figure. :) Connor ran with the big kids and i think they got the eggs before he was able too. when Byron and I saw what was happening, we started gathering any eggs we saw, but by that time things were pretty well picked over. man, those eggs go fast! i asked Connor has he was doing and he showed me his 4 eggs and said, "Not very well." Talk about heartbreaking! I was able to add my three and Byron found 2 more. Byron and I really talked up his eggs saying things like "Wow! Look at all those great eggs!" Connor started coming around and saying things like, "Wow! I got great eggs!" All's well that ends well.
Kylene was about as precious as she could be picking up her first few eggs. what a doll face.

Connor was so excited Easter morning, but I failed to catch any good pictures. I did get this one of Kylene eyeing her present first thing. Both she and Connor were excited with their few gifts and candy.

Happy Easter 2010!


Jules said...

Love the last picture. so cute. your kids are getting so big!

Dad said...

What a great time for your kids and you! I'm glad you and Byron got the extra eggs for Connor. At our Easter Egg hunt there were 700 eggs and they were gone in less than 10 minutes. Kids are fast when it comes to gathering Easter Eggs. :-)

Dancing Branflake said...

I love your hair! Connor is getting so big and Kylene is so beautiful!

Ash & Jon said...

ok Kristi. I feel like I need to fly to North Carolina so you can help me go shopping. I am so so so in love with your outfit in that bottom picture! And your hair is sooo super gorgeous!

Mom said...

I must comment on all the photos. Gorgeous - absolutely gorgeous! And I mean all four of you. I love the photo of Byron holding Connor - so sweet. Kylene is a beauty. And you, my dear.... stunning, absolutely stunning. Love the hair, love it all.