thank you Aunt Tracey!!!

last Wednesday, i went over to the office to pick up a package the mailman said we had received. i was so surprised to find TWO packages, one addressed to Connor and the other to Kylene. I came home and told them they had packages to open and an exciting evening ensued.
Connor identifies his package and begins to move it to the floor;
Trying to figure out how to get in...;

"Mom! You're a genius! How did you know to use scissors?!?"
"Hey guys, me too!"
Dumping the loot,
sitting amongst the spoils,testing out the toys,
eating the candy,
and doing the happy dance.
Thanks for the GREAT surprise Aunt Tracey! You made out day! Love you!

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Dad said...

Your kids sure are lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt! And your house looks beautiful. Life seems pretty good right now!