Northeast Park

About a month ago, a friend introduced us to a wonderful place, Northeast Park in Gibsonville, NC.  From what I could tell driving into the park, it seems to be a place with lots of walking trails, playgrounds, ect and an awesome swimming pool!
The kids and I got there a little bit before it opened and waiting in the LONG line with ALL of our stuff for the day.  It turned out to be totally worth it.
One end of the pool had a zero-entry with a child size water slide and play area.  There was a roped off area with 3-4 feet of water that Connor swam like a fish all day in, a lap pool part and the diving board area.  There were great big umbrellas for great shade and it was clean, ahhh.
We started our day there before 11 and left at 4:30.  As I looked back to back our van out of the parking lot, I saw two little heads slumped over.  It was a beautiful, silent ride home.  Glorious.
Now we need to figure out a day we can take our Daddy!
Beautiful pool days of summer.

Blueberries for Sal

This morning the kids and i went to Hawk Hill Berry Farm here in Mebane to go blueberry picking.  After driving on the winding dirt road, past the pond and barn to get to the field, i thought, "We need to read Blueberries for Sal today!"  Connor loved picking and at one point i heard him say to himself, "Kurplink, kurplank,kurplunk."  {Makes sense if you're familiar with the book.}
Kylene would put some in her bucket and then come to me with a look of distress and say, "Mommy!  All gone!"  By her face, I thought she had maybe spilled her berries and I asked where they were?  She lifted up her shirt and said , "Here, in my tummy".  Kylene didn't come home with any of her own picked berries but she came home with a full stomach.
The kids have all kinds of plans for our blueberries:  a pie, muffins, scones.  However, the rate where going through these babies in the 10 minutes since we've been home, we'll have to make a trip back tomorrow for any blueberry culinary delights. 
I'm dreaming of my mom's blueberry muffins...

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learned something new about my husband...
the man's got mad lego building skills.
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