Northeast Park

About a month ago, a friend introduced us to a wonderful place, Northeast Park in Gibsonville, NC.  From what I could tell driving into the park, it seems to be a place with lots of walking trails, playgrounds, ect and an awesome swimming pool!
The kids and I got there a little bit before it opened and waiting in the LONG line with ALL of our stuff for the day.  It turned out to be totally worth it.
One end of the pool had a zero-entry with a child size water slide and play area.  There was a roped off area with 3-4 feet of water that Connor swam like a fish all day in, a lap pool part and the diving board area.  There were great big umbrellas for great shade and it was clean, ahhh.
We started our day there before 11 and left at 4:30.  As I looked back to back our van out of the parking lot, I saw two little heads slumped over.  It was a beautiful, silent ride home.  Glorious.
Now we need to figure out a day we can take our Daddy!
Beautiful pool days of summer.


Byron said...

I am so bummed that I miss out on all these fun outings!

Mom said...

These beautiful photos are the picture of joy! What happy experiences you provide for you children.....and it's fun for you at the same time. I hope Byron gets to go with you before the summer ends.

Randy said...

Your children are beautiful! And what fun. I just hope they can find as many fun things in Indy as they have found in NC.