First Day of Kindergarten

Connor was too excited to get going to school to bother with taking pictures.  These two are the best I got!  Connor is thriving in school and we all love his teacher Ms. Barber.  His favorite things are riding the bus, eating breakfast in the cafeteria, gym class, and participating in centers in class.  Connor was just named "Terrific Kid" from Ms. Barber's class for the month of November.  We are so happy for him that he loves school!  Go Connor!
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Mom said...

These are really cute pictures. Kylene looks so much older than the last time I saw her!

Randy said...

WOW! Connor and Kylene look so much older. We are excited to have you guys move to Indy and live with us for a while. How exciting will this be for Grandpa and Nana. Wahoooooo!

Grandpa Myers

Geoff and Janene said...

Kindergarten?! When did that handsome boy get so old? :) I wish we lived closer. Your kids are so beautiful

Dave said...

Look at those big kiddos. Darling! Saw a going away party for you cause your leaving NC. What?? Christine