Fall Soccer

It has been so fun for our whole family to have Connor participate in soccer this fall.  Our great friends and neighbors Jesica and Jami are the coaches which has made is extra special.  Kylene has a ball running around with the other siblings during games and practices and Byron and I love the association with the other parents!
Connor is so enthusiastic about soccer.  He seems to love the constant action and even has a ball sitting with his friends on the bench. :)
The night before his first game, as we said goodnight to Connor we told him to get a good night's sleep because he had school and his first soccer game the next day.  Connor stood up, punched the air and said, "Yeah!  We're going to kill them!"
{He's learning good sportsmanship along the way too.}

Connor also loves getting a snack at the end of every game...who wouldn't?

We think he's super handsome and hope his enjoyment in running around and having fun with his friends never wears out.
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Ashley said...

oh how I love this post!!! I especially love the photos where he is running with that huge smile and where he's catching his breath. He looks so athletic! He and kylene both look so much older than they did in may!

Mom said...

What joy was evident in this post! You got great action photos. Connor looks so grown up, especially in the last photo. I'm so glad this was a fun experience for the whole family.

AJ Araya said...

Sports are so fun! Connor looks so happy, and it's true- who wouldn't want a snack. :) I agree with Ashley that he looks very athletic. What a fun adventure!

Geoff and Janene said...

He looks like a natural!