CNN's Glenn Beck's Tribute to Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley

I watched this on another friend's blog and watching it brought me to tears. It's the first time I've cried since President Hinckley's death. My main emotion has been happiness for President Hinckley. Finally being able to be with his wife and for having lived such a great and true life. I guess I also felt secure in knowing that with his passing, a prophet, but not the Lord's voice and direction, were taken from the earth. It's a good feeling to know that another prophet has been prepared by the Lord and ready to become his mouth-piece. It's a good feeling to know that I am not lost, wondering what will happen next or how I'll make it through another day, but can feel sincere gratitute and appreciation for a wonderful man, example, testimony, and prophet and look forward with hope and gratitude for a new prophet representing the same person, our Savior. It's good in this turbulent world to have such a sure footing and knowledge. What a gift the gospel and a testimony are.



Connor was really good at entertaining himself while I made dinner tonight. I saw him looking into the cabinet and banging around with the pots and pans, but I never expected to look down and see him closing the door behind him! I burst out laughing and ran for the camera. He loves playing "boo" and "scaring" us. I may have to fain shock while making dinner for awhile now.:)


New Tricks

Today Connor has turned the TV on and off with his elbow and walked up the stairs with his hands in his pockets. Tricky.


Birthday Take Two

Connor's no fool. A few days after his birthday he asked for some cake. Then he found a birthday hat and asked for help putting that on. Then he wanted up in his highchair. I'm surprised he didn't request a song and some presents!


Connor's discovered the world of Playdoh. He loves it. He wakes up asking for "plo" (long "o"). He likes to make snakes and balls the best. I think this is a craze that is going to stick around for awhile.


All Hail the 2 Year Old!

One of the best presents for Connor's B-day is that Byron was home because of Martin Luther King Day. Byron's Mom also came into town on Sunday which was really fun for all of us. Here some highlights of the day:
Connor was thrilled when more presents were presented. After Christmas and his birthday, February's going to be a cold, sad month.:)
Feeling a little hesitant to blow out the candle. He was much more interested in eating the M&M's off of the caboose of the train,
Sneakily tyring to open a present before anyone notices,
Playing with said present. We want to be a ball player now!
We love having a 2 year old!


Connor's Cake!

Connor turns 2 tomorrow and there is big excitement around our house because of it. Byron's Mom came into town today and Connor's loved showing "Mimi" his new trains and tricks. I made Connor's B-day cake tonight and I have to say I'm "pumped out of my mind" about it (that one was for you Mikelle!). Hope he loves his train cake!


Sweet, Sweet Boy

A friend recently left her baby doll at our house and I've had it in the car the past few days to drop by their home the next time we're close. Connor's noticed the doll a few times and said "baby" as I've loaded him in the car, but never showed any more interest. Today, as we were leaving the library, Connor was very insistent to see the baby. As we were driving away I heard him talking about his "B" (blankie). I looked back to see him rubbing his "B" on the baby's face and talking to it. I then saw him try to stick his thumb in the babies mouth while rubbing the blankie on the its face. Then I saw him looking for the doll's own thumb to put in its mouth. Then, the icing on the cake, Connor held the doll close with its stomach on his chest and patted its back. It was just about the sweetest thing in the world.

Ringing in the New Year Hoosier Style

We were so lucky to get to spend our holidays with both of our families this year. We had such a fun time with my parents in Indiana. Hey! I got to wear my winter coat finally! :) Here's a recap of some of the things we enjoyed with Nanna (Banana) and Grandpa (Pa):

Opening presents under the tree (now THAT was a fun surprise!) Playing with the Matchbox cars that were waiting under the tree (kisses were given all around for this present)
Playing with, shocker, trains
Sporting our new Colts attire (we're VERY sad Connor won't get to wear this for the Super Bowl)
and RUNNING on the treadmill! We couldn't believe how fast and long Connor not only could but wanted to run. One night he ran at 3mph for 30 min. Byron also had to run with him, lucky Byron. :) Connor was very very pleased with himself. He could tell he was doing something we thought was quite extraordinary.
Other highlights were finding a brand new H&M store to "shop 'till we dropped" at. And eating at Bubb's in Carmel. Bubb's is a local burger joint on the Monon Trail that we make a point of eating at every time we visit Indiana. This time Byron took the "Big Ugly" challenge and finished a pound (after cooked) burger along with a side of fries and the works on top. He got his picture up on the wall and had a Popsicle that night. My Dad bought him an "Ugly Never Looked so Good" t-shirt as a souvenir. We are both VERY proud of his accomplishment. :) I wish the Holidays lasted year round, but then someone told me it wouldn't be special anymore. Whatever, I don't buy it for a second.

Thanks for the GREAT time Mom and Dad!


Christmas in South Carolina

We had such a great time with Byron's family for Christmas this year! Here's an over view of the things that thrilled us:
Watching the lizards at the zoo (we squealed with delight)
Receiving a refurbished rocking chair from his Great Maw Maw and Paw Paw (it was Byron's Mom's when she was a little girl)
Taking our first carousel rideNarrowly escaping destruction with a new bat
Receiving our very favorite Thomas the Train Track
Pushing around Papa's mower
Playing in the huge sandbox
"Riding" on Uncle Jarom's motorcycle
Playing with Missy and Papa
Playing in the leaves with Mimi
Those are just a few of the many things we loved doing with the Kubik's this holiday season. Thanks for a great time Bev and Theresa! Can't wait to do it again!


More Kisses Please!

Connor has never been a real snuggler or shower of affection--he's just to busy! But over these past few days we've noticed a big change in him. He pulls our faces in for a kiss: he asks to be kissed on one cheek, then the other, and then the other, and then the other...; and my favorite is when I catch him looking at me with a smile on his face and then come snuggle up next to me for a little bit. Ahhh, I love my little boy!(As a side note, the other day I heard him stirring from his nap and he was cracking himself up! I listened and figured out he was acting out a part from one of his favorite movies, The Emperor's New Groove, and giggling at his own silliness. I just wanted to squeeze him all over!)


Just One of the Boys

Connor has grown up a lot to us lately. He's using lots of words, runs really really fast, and got his first big boy professional haircut. He cracked me up today and my heart melted a few times as I watched him try to mimic what older boys around him where doing.
We were at Barnes 'N Nobles this morning and he was THRILLED when a boy about the age of 6 came to the train table to play. I could tell Connor was excited but a little shy and gently approached the older boy a few times to show him or tell him something. As the older boy moved around the children's section, I noticed Connor moving too. When the boy looked through picture books on a rack, Connor did too. When the boy sat on a step and flipped through books, Connor did too, all the time keeping one eye on the boy to see if he was noticing him and what he would do next. So sweet!
This afternoon we were outside playing because it was 70 degrees here today and Connor desperately wanted to go where there was a pick-up football game in the communal grassy area. We found a ball to play with there so we could be close the the boys but stay out of there way. The little stinker figured out if he kicked the ball over to where they were then he would have to run after it and he could be part of the action. He had a huge smile on face the whole time and would look to me like, "Hey Mom! Look at me! I'm a big boy too!" I love these moments in life. I'm trying to soak them all up before they pass me by. People keep telling me childhood "flies by" and I think the next time someone tells me that I'm going to put tape over their mouths.:)


All Good Things Must Come to an End...But so Soon?

It's safe to say we had the time of our lives and we're very sad to find our Christmas break coming to an end. We fly home in a few hours and then real life will scoop us up whether we like it or not! We had such a great Holiday season with the Kubik's and the Myers'. We're very lucky to have such great families and to find so much JOY in being together. We're already counting down to our next vacation. :) Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I'll be posting about our adventures in a few days.