All Good Things Must Come to an End...But so Soon?

It's safe to say we had the time of our lives and we're very sad to find our Christmas break coming to an end. We fly home in a few hours and then real life will scoop us up whether we like it or not! We had such a great Holiday season with the Kubik's and the Myers'. We're very lucky to have such great families and to find so much JOY in being together. We're already counting down to our next vacation. :) Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I'll be posting about our adventures in a few days.


2 + 2 = 4 said...

I miss your beautiful curly hair!

Kristi said...

Thanks! It's mostly gone now. Isn't that weird? I have to work really hard to get some curl these days. I'm so glad you still have yours though!

Blackner Family said...

Oh my goodness when did Conner become a teenager!! He looks so grown up in those pics!! So handsome!!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

we were also sad to see the holidays finally end. but, back to reality and we too are counting down until the next vacation!!

Ash & Jon said...

Kristi! You look gorgeous! What a great picture of you and Connor!

2 + 2 = 4 said...


Thanks for the compliments! I like the blue too. I wish I could tell you that I chose it, instead...we hired an interior designer and she did all the work. Since we could not afford to have her execute the plan as well, she just drew the plans and chose everything and slowly...we will be implementing.

She did fantastic! She chose: how to arrange the furniture, what color on the walls, the way to hang the pictures on the wall, what pieces of furniture we are missing, a rug, and what kind of curtains and the fabric for in on the windows. I really liked all her suggestions!

The color is called Storm cloud (6249) by Sherwin-Williams. She converted us into buying from either Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore. She said that she would never consider home depot or lowes paint. She said that you pay $10 more or so in the gallon, but you get a long lasting and for sure color.

Because our corners are rounded, we just painted one specific wall. She told us that it would make our huge room look smaller....so be careful with dark colors. I like the one wall painting idea....it cost us an amazing $60 :)

Love you...I love your blog!

Hugs to all Kubiks, Emma

What's your email address? Email it to me at: emmabarrus@gmail.com

Peterson's said...

we were so glad to see you all today in church. it's good to have the kubik's back in town and we'll have to get together soon!

Hansen's said...

I hear ya about the holidays ending! That is one nice thing about the student lifestyle...Christmas vacation is almost a month of pure bliss! Tomorrow is Rylan's last day before going back on Thursday. I know some people only get a couple days off for Christmas so, while I don't feel can complain, I am sad to see it come to an end and have real life start again. We can mourn at playgroup! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!