Ringing in the New Year Hoosier Style

We were so lucky to get to spend our holidays with both of our families this year. We had such a fun time with my parents in Indiana. Hey! I got to wear my winter coat finally! :) Here's a recap of some of the things we enjoyed with Nanna (Banana) and Grandpa (Pa):

Opening presents under the tree (now THAT was a fun surprise!) Playing with the Matchbox cars that were waiting under the tree (kisses were given all around for this present)
Playing with, shocker, trains
Sporting our new Colts attire (we're VERY sad Connor won't get to wear this for the Super Bowl)
and RUNNING on the treadmill! We couldn't believe how fast and long Connor not only could but wanted to run. One night he ran at 3mph for 30 min. Byron also had to run with him, lucky Byron. :) Connor was very very pleased with himself. He could tell he was doing something we thought was quite extraordinary.
Other highlights were finding a brand new H&M store to "shop 'till we dropped" at. And eating at Bubb's in Carmel. Bubb's is a local burger joint on the Monon Trail that we make a point of eating at every time we visit Indiana. This time Byron took the "Big Ugly" challenge and finished a pound (after cooked) burger along with a side of fries and the works on top. He got his picture up on the wall and had a Popsicle that night. My Dad bought him an "Ugly Never Looked so Good" t-shirt as a souvenir. We are both VERY proud of his accomplishment. :) I wish the Holidays lasted year round, but then someone told me it wouldn't be special anymore. Whatever, I don't buy it for a second.

Thanks for the GREAT time Mom and Dad!


Ash & Jon said...

Kristi! I'm soooo glad someone got a picture of Connor on the treadmill! Mom and Dad told me know one did and I was so sad that a very great moment was missed so good job! Did you have fun at H&M? I fell in love when I went to London. I spent literally all of my Christmas money from mom and dad in that store! :-)

Jill said...

Holy runner on your hands! That's longer than I ever last on a treadmill. Then again, I'm not much to compete with.