All Hail the 2 Year Old!

One of the best presents for Connor's B-day is that Byron was home because of Martin Luther King Day. Byron's Mom also came into town on Sunday which was really fun for all of us. Here some highlights of the day:
Connor was thrilled when more presents were presented. After Christmas and his birthday, February's going to be a cold, sad month.:)
Feeling a little hesitant to blow out the candle. He was much more interested in eating the M&M's off of the caboose of the train,
Sneakily tyring to open a present before anyone notices,
Playing with said present. We want to be a ball player now!
We love having a 2 year old!


Ash & Jon said...

Very fun post, K. I especially love Connor's face when you're trying to get him to blow out the candle. :-) too cute!

Hansen's said...

Happy Birthday Conner! What a great cake Kristi! Well done!