Sweet, Sweet Boy

A friend recently left her baby doll at our house and I've had it in the car the past few days to drop by their home the next time we're close. Connor's noticed the doll a few times and said "baby" as I've loaded him in the car, but never showed any more interest. Today, as we were leaving the library, Connor was very insistent to see the baby. As we were driving away I heard him talking about his "B" (blankie). I looked back to see him rubbing his "B" on the baby's face and talking to it. I then saw him try to stick his thumb in the babies mouth while rubbing the blankie on the its face. Then I saw him looking for the doll's own thumb to put in its mouth. Then, the icing on the cake, Connor held the doll close with its stomach on his chest and patted its back. It was just about the sweetest thing in the world.


Ash & Jon said...

That seriously is sooo cute!

Jill said...

Kids are so cute with babies--I love it! Kate will hold hers against her chest, sway back and forth, and say "shhhhh." Cambri meanwhile puts hers in timeouts.

Bush's said...

I am so glad Kaylee's baby could bring such a sweet memory for you! Kids really are cute with babies, huh?