I love this picture because it's the combination of two of Connor's favorite things: reading and interacting with Caleb.  This was a book about snakes that Connor had checked out from the school library that day. Caleb was enthralled with the book as Connor read.  Sweetness.

Little Ballerina

 Kylene finished her first session of ballet yesterday and overall really enjoyed learning "ballets" as she calls it.  She had a wonderful teacher in Miss Jennifer and all the little girls were darling to watch.  They learned various ballet positions and terms and 3 dances to different songs.  It was so fun for me to take her and watch her having a good time!

First Feeding

 "So you say we're going to try this cereal thing huh?  I'm not so sure how I feel about this."
 "Okay I see where we're going with this.  I'll take it from here guys."


Pretty Princess

Kylene got to attend a Princess Birthday party a few weeks ago.  She makes such a lovely princess.

First Day of School!

 Connor started 1st grade at Washington Woods Elementary.  His teacher is Mrs. Dammier and she is fabulous!  Connor come in the door after school every day and either says, "Today was a great day!" or "This was a fun day!".  He loves riding the bus and is becoming a great little reader.  He's a tall, lean machine and seems to be enjoying all things related to being 6 going on 7!
Kylene started Preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Christ United Methodist.  She loves this experience and happily trots off each day.  Her two teachers are Mrs. Veech and Mrs. Mroch and they exude sweetness.  She has an awesome new Hello Kitty backpack that she is very proud of!


5 mths

My sister photographed this sweet little face while his was trying out his new Johnny Jumper.  At 5 mths Caleb is such a JOY!  He smiles and laughs and chews on everything in sight!  He looks at us with the most loving eyes.  We all swarm him whenever he's awake.  He's an official thumb sucker (his left thumb) and cries right up until he's laid in his crib.  He finds that thumb, his eyes roll back and those lids flutter closed.  Melts my heart every time.


Pool Time

 My sister Ashley was visiting with her kids last week and captured all this fun at the pool!
Connor does a mean cannon baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!

 Kylene and Zach were hilarious jumping off the side of the pool holding hands.  Their belly laughs each time were the best!


Utah Wedding

We got to attend our beautiful Aunt Codi's wedding in Salt Lake City and then made a trip to Provo and Orem for a few days of reminiscing and fun. (More pics to follow.)

Out sweet sweet sleeping baby.
 Connor had a wonderful Kindergarten year at Carmel Elementary!  The year ended with a bang; we attended the "Kindergarten Visits the Zoo" music night where the children all came dressed up as an animal (Connor was of course a dinosaur) and sang a song about an animal for each letter of the alphabet.  I was amazed they all knew so many songs with the actions! 
 The four of us got to attend the Kindy 500 race where we watched each student race in heats wearing a cardboard car they had made with their parents.
 We were all proud of the cool car Byron and Connor made and happy for Connor that he "won" his heat. (There were no official winners, but all the kids were keeping track of who won each heat.  (It's important stuff!)

 This picture says, "I'm am super happy that I won and excited you are here to see it, but trying to play it cool."


Picture taken while shopping with my sister Ashley.  We were trying to protect Caleb from the rain as we walked around.  This little face captures his true essence; happy, sweet and wonderfully loveable!


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End of the Season

Connor had a fantastic experience with basketball his first season playing. 

We counted ourselves lucky to have "Coach Joe" as our coach and be on a team with lost of nice boys and families.
Connor was thrilled to get to go to the local Dairy Queen to celebrate the end of the season with some ice cream...

and a trophy!
{This is the same DQ is had all of my end-of-season parties while playing sports for Dad's Club too.  Amazing how some things in life come full circle.}

We're very proud of Connor for trying something new and stepping out of his comfort zone in this new environment. 
Next up...soccer!
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Ever since the Christmas holiday, Connor and Kylene have been sleeping in the same bed together.  They could have gone back to their own rooms and beds awhile ago, but they LOVE being together.  I think it's fun and comforting for them.  Connor is usually the first one sacked out while Kylene reads the pile of books surrounding her in bed. :)  Byron and I love checking on them before we go to bed to see what state of blissful slumber they're in...this night in particular cracked us up.
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Dancing Queen

One of the kids' favorite things to do here at Nana and Grandpa is dance in the family room.  They take this very seriously and it is a riot to watch each time.
The music seems to speak to Kylene in paticular and dance moves flow freely.  We wonder where she's learned all her moves!
We've also discovered this girl has ups!
I see gymnastics in our future...
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Make a Wish!

Nana got Connor an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen which is always a big treat in this family.

We are so proud of our 6 year old.  He is a sweet boy who loves playing with friends, riding his bike outside, playing video games on the computer, playing soccer, basketball and baseball, sweet to his little sister and a hard worker at school.  We love you Connor Buddy!
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The Big Reveal...

Connor was so surprised when Byron rolled out his new 20 in bike!  That bike seems so big to us we can't believe it fits him!
Since the day was filled with snow, ice and bone chilling wind (good times) my Dad and I took the kids over to the church in the afternoon so Connor could ride around the gym with his new bike!

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