End of the Season

Connor had a fantastic experience with basketball his first season playing. 

We counted ourselves lucky to have "Coach Joe" as our coach and be on a team with lost of nice boys and families.
Connor was thrilled to get to go to the local Dairy Queen to celebrate the end of the season with some ice cream...

and a trophy!
{This is the same DQ is had all of my end-of-season parties while playing sports for Dad's Club too.  Amazing how some things in life come full circle.}

We're very proud of Connor for trying something new and stepping out of his comfort zone in this new environment. 
Next up...soccer!
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boneyfingers1183@gmail.com said...

He looks so "cute" and excited!!!!!

Randy said...

It was so much fun to watch Connor and see him have fun with the other boys and get better at playing the best game in the world! I look forward to futures years of watching him play basketball!

Grandpa Myers