we have a garden

i do not appear to have much of a green thumb but...Byron sure does and he finds such satisfaction in working outside and growing things, a garden is right up his alley.
i bought him a book about square foot gardening for Valentine's Day (romantic, no?) and he, with a few little helpers, built two square foot gardens. we bought some delicious veggies and herbs today and all four of us were excited to plant them!

(a future post on why Connor is down a tooth. cute grin though.) :)

ta da!
self portrait to document that i was also a part of this family event.
the mastermind behind it all. way to go Byron it looks awesome!

it's a miralce

not only that we own a home, but that i'm making a blog post! it's been too long people. :)
here's a few pictures of our new home to wet your appetite for more to come as we continue to put the house together.
below is a picture of our family room from the dining area.

here's our dining area. Byron figured out how to install what we think is a very cool light fixture from Ikea.
nicest appliances in the nicest kitchen i've ever lived in. the oven has a convection setting that i'm in love with.

so much space to store things! i have a whole cupboard that is completely empty and i'm guarding it with my life.
and this ends the tour of our family room, dining room and kitchen. still downstairs is my workroom which probably won't be pictured for a while as it's a work in progress and the half bath. i'll get some pics of the rooms upstairs soon.