The Easter Bunny Done Good

Have I mentioned lately that Connor is into trucks? He is BIG TIME. So we were at the grocery store a few weeks before Easter and we were doing our usual "look at the toy aisle before we check-out." When it was time to go, Connor wanted to take a car along with him, and I told him we weren't buying anything today, and then I had a stroke of brilliance. I remembered the Easter Bunny had informed me that she had already bought 2 penny racer cars for Connor's Easter basket so I confidently told Connor that the Easter Bunny would bring him some new cars and trucks for Easter. Well, that took care of that moment but every day for the next 2 weeks Connor woke up in the morning and from his nap asking for his new trucks from the Easter Bunny. He was even convinced that they were under his crib. Okay. I still thought the Easter Bunny was all set until we made a trip to Target the Friday before Easter. Connor was having a great time looking at the all the cars and trucks. He spotted a tool box type box with different construction trucks and figures in it and he excitedly showed me and was exclaiming that THIS was what the Easter Bunny was going to bring him. I was trying to dissuade him but he was confident, this was it and he couldn't wait for Sunday morning. I still thought he would forget about it (now why in the world did I let myself think that?), but the next morning he woke up talking about those specific trucks and the Easter Bunny. Well bless the Easter Bunny's heart, she went out to Target that day and got those trucks. The pictures tell the rest. It was a good day.:)


More Easter Egg Hunt Pictures

Easter Egg Hunt

Our ward hosted a fabulous breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt that was a huge success. Connor really got into the spirit of things this year, and we had to replace a few eggs Connor snuck in his basket during breakfast. He was ready to go! My sister Ashley and her husband Jon, came down from Virginia to spend the weekend with us and we had such a great time with them. All photography credit needs to be given to Ashley who took some BEAUTIUFL pictures. Here's a recap of the Easter Egg Hunt through the eyes of Ashley, watching Connor.:)


We're Bringing Sexy Back

Byron's brother Jarom, got Connor this sweet little number for Christmas. We tried it on, hoping we could have a retro Easter this year.... Connor rocked it. He was feeling it man, he WANTED to put it on as soon as I took it out of the closet. He laid down on the floor rolling and laughing. Don't ask me what that was about.
If it wasn't for the fact that we couldn't figure out how to keep his pants on, he'd be wearing it this Sunday. We finally gave up and let him go be a pants free boy.

Next year, we're bringin' sexy back.:)


Spring Break Baby!

We had such a GREAT time with the Kubik's this past week. Byron had the week off for Spring Break ( we haven't experience one of those in a LONG time) so we imposed ourselves on the Kubik fam and had a GREAT time. Thanks for having us Bev, Theresa and Codi! I think we might just have to come back again soon.:)
Here are some of Connor's exciting happenings at Mimi and Papa's house:
Going fishing! We walked to a neighbors pond and withing 5 seconds of Bev dropping his line in the water...he caught a fish. Wow. Connor was thrilled with the experience. He watched Bev take it off the line, drop it back into the water, and catch another one in 5 seconds.
Bev thinks Connor's already quite the fisherman.:)
Byron held his own also.
Connor also had a great time throwing rocks into the pond with Mimi. How many rocks did you fit in your pockets Theresa?:)
Ah, the sand box. Hours of entertainment were had here.
Connor touched his first lizard--it was a fiesty one!
Finding joy in the small things in life--jumping and landing on your bottom in a sandy hole. Ahh, doesn't get much better than that. Thanks heavens its a diaper cushioned one! Yikes!
Where's my model contract? Oh wait, I have Gerber on the phone.
Connor learned the art of drinking from a hose, delicious.


I'm a Swiffer Kind of Girl

I HATE my nasty nasty mop. Consequently, I HATE mopping my nasty floors with the nasty mop. It's all just well, nasty. The Swiffer Wet Jet commercials have really spoke to me as of late. I felt like their stories, were my stories; their struggles, my struggles. I was convinced that the happy homemaker at the end of the commercials could be me as well. I bought one, I assembled it, I mopped, and I'm thrilled. I'm a swiffer believer. I'm so glad from now on I won't have to cringe every time I catch Connor eating a fallen grape off the floor.

Cookies with Two Year Olds...Take 2

I invited my friend Christine and her little girl Jordan over to make some cut out Easter cookies. In my estimation, Christine makes the best cut out sugar cookies ever and I wanted to learn from the master. I thought the kids would have fun helping us, and did they ever. They helped us flour EVERYTHING GENEROUSLY and also helped eat HALF OF THE COOKIE DOUGH while Christine and I were furiously trying to ward off the toddler onslaught and get some cookies on a sheet before they were all eaten. We were semi-successful.
The kids were getting so messy with the flour that we all put on aprons. Here's Connor's little diddy....
and Jordan's.
By the end we stripped them of their clothes, washed them off in the kitchen sink and banned them to the front room while Christine and I furiously cleaned up the bomb of flour that had exploded. They seemed to enjoy some Cheerios and Curious George.
Isn't the life of a 2 year old great?