Spring Break Baby!

We had such a GREAT time with the Kubik's this past week. Byron had the week off for Spring Break ( we haven't experience one of those in a LONG time) so we imposed ourselves on the Kubik fam and had a GREAT time. Thanks for having us Bev, Theresa and Codi! I think we might just have to come back again soon.:)
Here are some of Connor's exciting happenings at Mimi and Papa's house:
Going fishing! We walked to a neighbors pond and withing 5 seconds of Bev dropping his line in the water...he caught a fish. Wow. Connor was thrilled with the experience. He watched Bev take it off the line, drop it back into the water, and catch another one in 5 seconds.
Bev thinks Connor's already quite the fisherman.:)
Byron held his own also.
Connor also had a great time throwing rocks into the pond with Mimi. How many rocks did you fit in your pockets Theresa?:)
Ah, the sand box. Hours of entertainment were had here.
Connor touched his first lizard--it was a fiesty one!
Finding joy in the small things in life--jumping and landing on your bottom in a sandy hole. Ahh, doesn't get much better than that. Thanks heavens its a diaper cushioned one! Yikes!
Where's my model contract? Oh wait, I have Gerber on the phone.
Connor learned the art of drinking from a hose, delicious.


Ash & Jon said...

These pictures are seriously sooo cute! But where are you? ;-) Ah, the life of the photographer. I especially love the picture of Connor fishing. Too cute!

Geoff & Janene said...

It looks like a relaxing trip. Connor is so handsome. What a looker! Do you think he'd keep Mara in mind? :)

Greg and Tammy said...

Spring breaks are the BEST, huh? We really miss Greg's. Somehow that darn firm doesn't see the need to close down for a week. Silly lawyers. :) Darling pics! Love the hose picture! That boy is just a doll.

John & Laura said...

Connor is too cute! What darling pictures. Glad you had a fun spring break.

2 + 2 = 4 said...

He is just turning into a little man so fast!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

isn't it great to be a boy? i guess i wouldn't know. we loved having a spring break. i'm not sure brent could ever go back to working after having a spring break!!

Tiff said...

I never knew Byron was such an accomplished fisherman. I think I once had one of those fish he caught as a pet.