Connor had a wonderful Kindergarten year at Carmel Elementary!  The year ended with a bang; we attended the "Kindergarten Visits the Zoo" music night where the children all came dressed up as an animal (Connor was of course a dinosaur) and sang a song about an animal for each letter of the alphabet.  I was amazed they all knew so many songs with the actions! 
 The four of us got to attend the Kindy 500 race where we watched each student race in heats wearing a cardboard car they had made with their parents.
 We were all proud of the cool car Byron and Connor made and happy for Connor that he "won" his heat. (There were no official winners, but all the kids were keeping track of who won each heat.  (It's important stuff!)

 This picture says, "I'm am super happy that I won and excited you are here to see it, but trying to play it cool."

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