Dear Mimi and Papa,

Thanks for letting us come to your house during my Dad's Spring Break. I had a GREAT time. The car drive down to your house was too long, but I was a good boy and helped my sister be happy in her car seat. I'm a good big brother. Did I mention your house is too far away? I was really excited to see your new barn and play in the sand box. Good thing you had me there to make sure Missy got enough to eat. By the way, Mimi, Missy needs some more dog bones. Even though Izzy bit, me, that's OK. We still became good friends. I keep asking my Mom were kitty is and wonder why we couldn't bring her home with us? I really really loved playing with all you Star Wars stuff. Wow, you have A LOT of really cool toys. It's really fun at Mimi and Papa's house. I liked playing with the kitchen this time and always have fun playing ping pong. I'm pretty sure next time I visit I'll be able to hit the ball back. Thanks for taking me to the zoo Mimi. Even though I was REALLY thirsty and we couldn't find anywhere to buy an Icee, I still had a really fun time. Papa, it's too far to your house. I was really excited to watch Mulan and really liked the movie Recess too. Thanks for all the good food and snacks. I really like being at your house and can't wait to come back.
love you,
P.S. I'm pretty sure my Mom and Dad and Kylene had a good time too.


Ash & Jon said...

Do we get to see pictures too?

Handi Andi said...

happy birthday! happy birthday!