One of the first fun things we got to be a part of while visiting my family in Indiana was getting together at my Aunt and Uncle's home to celebrate Grandma Billie's 80th birthday. Grandpa H.P. and Grandma Billie (my Dad's parents) have taken an active role in all of their grandkids' lives and we love them for it. They are genuine, happy, loving, good people. This picture captures them perfectly. Happy with each other and happy together. Aunt Peggy is fun, fun, fun! Connor loved her and loved being at their home. We've concluded that people of all ages like being with Aunt Peggy.
One of the funniest things we did that night was play softball: Terry Myers family vs. Randy Myers family. Sadly, the Randy Myers family lost (mostly thanks to our ex-college baseball player Dad who struck out every time trying to hit a home run.):) Connor was joyous running around, chasing balls and lightning bugs.

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