A few weeks ago we took the chance to go down and visit Byron's family during the time Byron had off from school. We had a great time and Connor LOVES being at Mimi and Papa's house. Some of the things he like the best this time were: running in the sprinkler and making a river in the huge sandbox; picking blueberries with Mimi (we knew he had tasted his first fresh-picked blueberry when we heard, "Mmm, delicious!" from behind a bush. I don't think another blueberry saw the bottom of his bucket after that.); playing with Byron's old Star Wars figurines, even I think they're pretty cool; and going to his first Rodeo (and my first for that matter). It was fun to see all the cows/bulls/beautiful horses. Connor got some star treatment before the Rodeo started. I guess when you're cute, people will let you do things like ride their truck, ride their horse, and ride their tractor. It's a little boys dream I tell you. Byron's Dad also bought Connor his first ever snow cone, and he um...loved it.


Jules said...

the first picture is so sweet!

melissa said...

No doubt they let that cutie-pie ride all their stuff. I think I would GIVE him my pony, if I had one.