When I was on a mission in Japan, one of my favorite places to go was "saati wanu" (31 or as we call it in the States, Baskin Robbins.). On Sunday I turned saati wanu (31) and felt like death warmed over. I didn't have any sense of taste or smell but I could imagine how delicous the strawberry cupcakes were that my mother-in-law made in my home, with my children, for my birthday--it sure made me feel special.
Below is a picture taken by one of my 5 year old friends, Jaxton, outside a few months ago with a child camera. He shows promise, don't you think? :) Thank you for all the lovely thoughtfullness on my birthday. I felt very loved and special. I have to say, I think being 31...rocks.


nicole said...

Have a happy new decade =).

Greg and Tammy said...

Happy Birthday you cute, darling thing!!! Hope you are feeling better now!

Mom said...

Okay, even if I am your mother, I must say you are a beauty!

Chelsea Monet said...

You know what? I think kids take the best photographs. I think it is because it is really fun to watch a cute kid with a camera. You have your beautiful "I absolutely love kids" look on your face which makes you all the more lovely.

Way to go, Jaxton!