christmas eve

we got to spend Christmas Eve with good friends having a pot luck dinner and making gingerbread houses. i'm 29 years old and this was this first time in my life to make a gingerbread house with real, homemade gingerbread instead of graham crackers. it was thrilling for me. Connor and Byron were the main masterminds behind our cabin while Kylene and I sampled some of the candy.
our gingerbread cabin. it was delicious also. we discovered Kylene loves the ginger taste. she LOVED eating this cabin and wolfed down the ginger snaps i made also.

since we weren't with our family yet, it was so nice to have such a fun event to look forward to. when we got in the car to head over, Connor said, "Let's go partyyyyyy!"
When we got home it was time to get on our Christmas pj's and set out milk, cookies, and reindeer food for Santa and his reindeer. i think we were ALL excited. :)


Angela Okada said...

What a fun Christmas Eve!!! I love the pics. Gorgeous fam Kristi.

Mom said...

Great gingerbread cabin! I'm delighted you were included in such a fun, special Christmas Eve party.

Dancing Branflake said...

As I recall, you like your ginger snaps also. Like mother, like daughter!

Katie Rod said...

I love the cabin idea. We've always done houses in the past, but I think the cabins turned out way cute. And don't you love the smell of those houses/cabins when they are done and covered in candy?? ahhh...that is the smell of Christmas for me!